Thrilling Christmas, trembling fear

Do you remember the Santa who rode on the electric shaver? Of course you do.

Norelco’s shavin’ Santa was a holiday staple for many years. For some reason, it also deeply disturbed my mother. The ads would disappear for a year or two, only to reappear in new, updated settings. Each year my mother would cry out, “No! Not again!”

The 90s version even has slick CGI-like animation.

As much as my mother disliked Santa on a shaver, we’ve been highly disturbed by the new Sprint Santa.

Sexy Claus

For the current world, not only is Santa so cool that he has to use a cell phone, but he’s magically been transformed into a young, hip “sexy” Santa, with a waxen, smooth countenance that suggest that he really looks like a Thomas Nast drawing but has been Photoshopped into someone you might spot out at the PInk Elephant and would avoid at all costs.