Tonight: Atomic Books!

COO Fred Pierce out at Wizard

Our email inbox is stuffed with word that Wizard COO Fred Pierce has been let go. Pierce was definitely the mover and shaker who ran Wizard’s day-to-day business and was probably much more involved than CEO Gareb Shamus for the last few years. Newsarama reports: The move (which is seen as cost-cutting by observers) is […]

More on DMP cutbacks

Deb Aoki has more on DMP’s reductions in staff and output, as more info filters out on the web. Five people have been let go, and publishing volume is being cut from 12 to 7 titles a month. “The seven titles per month is a mixture of new and existing scheduled titles. In essence, to […]

More INCAL coloring

Reader Pepo points us to this site, with examples of recolored Moebius. On the top, Yves Chaland; below, Valerie Beltran. This is not as bad as the stuff we posted yesterday, but it’s still…problematic. Any colorists out there to comment on what we’re seeing?

SPX debuts

It’s here! SPX debuts! Make sure you click the links for ALL THE GOODNESS. Secret Acres Secret Acres will be debuting Capacity by Theo Ellsworth. It features new material as well as content from Ellsworth’s Capacity mini-comics. Theo will be in attendance at SPX, signing books and posters. Intricate, even exquisite – but never immaculate, […]

Fantagraphics at SPX

Eric Reynolds writes: Gary Groth, Kim Thompson and myself are all headed east this weekend to attend one of our favorite shows of the year: Taking place Saturday and Sunday in Bethesda, MD, SPX is the last great East Coast show of the year, and we’ll be there in full force with a slew of […]

PictureBox at SPX

Dan Nadel writes: PictureBox will debut new zines by Dash Shaw and Frank Santoro, and: *The Ganzfeld 7 *Edited by Dan Nadel and Ben Jones Art directed and designed by Ben Jones Edition of 1000* This is the final issue of The Ganzfeld. We got excited and just skipped 6 and went straight to 7. […]

SPX: Oni Press

Cory Casoni tells us of two new books from Oni at SPX: CROGAN’S VENGEANCE by Chris Schweizer (w/a) CROGAN’S VENGEANCE, the first in an ongoing series of adventure graphic novels spanning continents and centuries as cartoonist Chris Schweizer climbs through the various branches of the Crogan clan’s family tree! Volume one of THE CROGAN ADVENTURES […]

SPX (and beyond): Sparkplug Books

Dylan Williams alerts the media of impending activities for many: This weekend we will be premiering Reich #5 by Elijah Brubaker at the upcoming Small Press Expo in Bethesda, Maryland. Also, copies are now available to buy online, but may not go out till after SPX. You can order them at the sparkplug website. The […]

SPX: Outside Looking In: Alternative Political Cartooning in 2008

WE can’t see much interest in this topic; can you? Come see the best Bush bashing, Republican ripping, McCain mangling and best of all, Obama backing cartoonists in America!!!!! Outside Looking In: Alternative Political Cartooning in 2008 will be held this weekend, Saturday, October 4 from 11AM to 7PM and Sunday, October 5 noon-6PM at […]

James Jean…painting

One of the reasons that James Jean is giving up his FABLES cover gig and has generally not been seen doing much commercial work lately is that he’s busy painting for his first solo art show. Over at his blog, he’s been showing a few update photos and it’s tantalizing, to say the least. The […]

This week: Lynda Barry, Groening events


Bloggity blog

§ Töpfferiana is a new blog about proto-cartoonist Rudolphe Töpffer and his contemporaries. It’s in French but the pictures are AWESOME. Above, Wilhelm Busch. § Let’s Fall Asleep is a new blog about josei (women’s) manga. Much to read. We need time to digest it all. § Commenters discuss “lunch-gate” at Blog@. For the record, […]

New Hillary cover for Bluewater

Bluewater has corrected the number of stripes on the American flag on the cover of their Hillary bio, and redone it so it looks like her, but it still looks a lot like some other books. Oh well…collect ‘em all. PR follows: Bluewater Productions has replaced the cover art for their forthcoming comic book featuring […]

A word on SPX debuts

In a few posts, we’ll show all the information that people sent in response to our “call for entries” at SPX, but we noticed something interesting this time out. We’ve been doing this kind of thing for years and years, and never got such a big response (over two dozen cartoonists and publishers) but everyone […]

Oh, Brian Ralph, you did not go there!

Ralph presents a photo from a panel at Baltimore Comic-Con. And we just ganked it. UPDATE: Damn! The Stone family continues their assault on DC! Uh-huh. I feel like the entire panel was out until 6 am drinking, rolled back to their hotels for a quick shower, met for breakfast and Bloody Mary’s and rolled […]