Hit of the show

The WB booth has a life-sized model of the Owlship from WATCHMEN. This is a pretty shitty picture but the model is cooler than dirt. Man, these iPhones really do have lame cameras. Could only snap this surreal composite. Better photos later.

Hour one

Well, we managed to make it across the floor. Once. Warner Bros. is once again giving out giant bags — this time with Wonder Woman AND a shoulder strap for crossbody styling. There’s practically a riot going on in front of the WB booth. A harried guy with a headphone told everyone, “There is no […]

McKellen to be Gandalf in THE HOBBIT

Presumably, this news will help THE BEAT recover from any travel-related mishaps that may have occurred on her trip out to SD. Empire magazine caught up with Sir Ian at THE DARK KNIGHT premiere and said his returning to play everyone’s favorite wizard is all but a done deal. Well, I haven’t had the contract […]

WATCHMEN — the games

Variety reports that WATCHMEN will be adapted as a series of downlaodable games . Two are planned with one coming out when the movie does and the other with the DVD release. The games are being developed by Danish developer Deadline Games, and will star Rorschach and Nite Owl, hurm hurm. WBIE execs said that […]

Vertigo Crime line announced

At PW, Rachel Deahl scoops a new Vertigo Crime imprint from DC: As thousands of fans and industry professionals prepare to descend on San Diego for the annual Comic-Con, DC has unveiled a new offshoot of its edgy, celebrated Vertigo imprint, Vertigo Crime. The new line, dedicated to crime titles, will launch in 2009 with […]

“A Mysterious Galaxy Ten Miles Away…”

Yay, back on the Wi-Fi grid. Saddened to report that the Omni lobby no longer has free Wi-Fi , making the former blogger’s paradise a wasteland, albeit one with much better food. After a decade of vowing never to return on a Tuesday, we now find it the most pleasant and relaxing method of travel […]

To Do 7/23: Golden Apple’s Pre-Con mixer

If you’re hanging out in LA and want to get things rolling tomorrow Golden Apple is at it again. This time they are hosting a Pre-Con Publisher Showcase & Tribute Mixer and you’re invited! Wednesday, July 23 from 6-9pm join us for our 1st annual Pre-Comic-Con Showcase & Tribute Mixer featuring publishers, creators, artists, etc. […]

Reminder: Rory Root Tribute

Just as a reminder, this panel on Friday is a must attend: Remembering Rory: The Rory Root Tribute – 3:00 p.m. – 4:15 p.m. Room 22 When Comic Relief owner Rory Root passed away in May, a huge void was left in the comics’ world. Please join us as we pay tribute to a man […]