Levitz talks DARK KNIGHT

The hype machine rolls on. The Washington Post did an on-line chat with Paul Levitz today talking about the movie, the WATCHMEN movie and some comics talk. Minneapolis, Minn.: From a villain perspective, who do you think would be interesting for Nolan to tackle in the movies? Paul Levitz: I think Chris works best with […]

DARK KNIGHT setting records

While we’re in such a fugue state trying to get everything taken care of prior to the big show, we haven’t been covering the REALLY big story today which is HOW FREAKING HUGE DARK KNIGHT IS GOING TO BE. Varriety reports it already set a record for midnight showings: Warner Bros.’ “The Dark Knight” grossed […]

More Wowio news

The Wowio/Platinum news is coming thick and fast, as founder William Lidwell has sent the following email to all Wowio publishers: I am pleased to finally and officially announce that WOWIO has been acquired by Platinum Studios, Inc. The process took longer than any of us desired (you can make lawyers work hard, but not […]

EW: Comic-Con preview issue — UPDATE

That’s right, the premier magazine about entertainment has its first ever San Diego Comic-Con preview issues and the WATCHMEN get the cover treatment: Over many months, and many meetings, Snyder persuaded Warner Bros. to abandon the Greengrass/Hayter script and hew as faithfully as possible to the comic. The key battles: retaining the ’80s milieu, keeping […]

Army @ Love foretells the future?

With the second trade of his scorching war satire, ARMY@LOVE: GENERATION PWNED, about to ship, Rick Veitch writes to tell us of real life imitating art yet again as NATO has hired soda execs to work on their branding: During the cold war, when Western and Warsaw Pact tanks massed on either side of the […]

DJ Coffman — more Platinum woes

D.J. Coffman has been handed a cease and desist by Platinum: UPDATE HERE: I just received a cease and desist letter from Platinum about using the HeroBynight.com, and HeroByNight.net addresses that I’d bought and hosted for the past two years. I did have them pointing to my djcoffman.com site, after I stopped receiving payments on […]

Platinum buys Wowio — Updated

According to these SEC filings Platinum has completed its purchase of Wowio, using shares valued at .15 cents. The sales agreement has also been filed and includes this little nugget: TERMINATED CONTRACTS All WOWIO contracts in existence prior to the Closing other than the Material Contracts Looks like current WOWIO partners may be undergoing some […]

SD08: DC Comics

Even with all the movie stars, TV stars and Slave Leias, the heaving epicenter of Comic-con is still the DC booth. At any random moment you’ll see more lines, more toys, more aspiring cartoonists, more practicing cartoonists, and more celebrities stopping by to see their favorite cartoonists than any other place on the floor. Here’s […]

SD08: First Second — #1321

First second spotlights Eddie Campbell, Prince of Persia’s Jordan Mechner, Nick Abadsis and Danica Novgorodof with signings and panels this year: Thursday: 12:30 Eddie Campbell spotlight panel, room 3 1:30 Eddie Campbell and Dan Best sign their latest graphic novel, _The Amazing Remarkable Monsieur Leotard_, at the First Second booth. Friday: 12:00 Jordan Mechner talks […]