Speaking of WATCHMEN, Alan Moore talks to EW

As you can well imagine, any interview that Alan Moore gives these days will be about WATCHMEN, comics movies in general, LXG, his relationship, and magic. This new interview with Entertainment Weekly has all those topics, as well as Moore talking about his favorite TV show. Do you think that any good can come of […]

SD08: The Search for Carl

Adult Swim has warned us of an ATHF promotion to find a Carl look-alike–things could get ugly. One “lucky” real person to star as Carl in first-ever live action episode Adult Swim today announced the nationwide search for a Carl look-alike to appear in the first-ever live action episode of Aqua Teen Hunger Force. The […]

San Diego’s economy…again

We’re interrupting our ongoing attempt to sort through our San Diego-related email to note something rather curious. You see, The Beat and Future Mr. Beat are staying on Monday night in San Diego to chill out, detox and simply sit staring silently into space. Our accommodations are still in a state of flux, but this […]

Emmy noms – abbreviated

The entire list is the length of a small novel but here are some noms of interest to our crew: Outstanding Animated Program (For Programming Less Than One Hour) Creature Comforts America • Don’t Choke To Death, Please King Of The Hill • Death Picks Cotton Robot Chicken • Robot Chicken: Star Wars The Simpsons […]


DEXTER just got first-time Emmy noms for Drama and Best Actor and the show will also be at Comic-Con. We’re informed that Showtime has commissioned Shepard Fairey (OBEY) to create original art for DEXTER. You’ll be able to buy your own artwork based on the lovable serial killer at the Showtime site. The DEXTER panel […]

SD08: BOOM! Studios – #2543

Chip Mosher, who has steadily won our heart with his stream of press releases, sends word of BOOM! signings, including Mark Waid and Stephen Baldwin. They also have info on their benefit for artist Josh Medors. AND this: BOOM! 3 YEAR ANNIVERSARY DRINK UP! / GAY PRIDE PARTY Where: Hyatt Grand Lobby Bar When: Thursday […]

SD08: Dial R Studios — #2306

Dial R Studios (booth 2306) returns to Comic-Con International with four new books! The following titles are set to debut at the show: The Path to Armageddon trade paperback, Billy Banes # 1, and two special convention exclusive books: HoCal: The Collected Webcomics, and The Guns of Shadow Valley. Dial R creators in attendance include […]