As you can well imagine, any interview that Alan Moore gives these days will be about WATCHMEN, comics movies in general, LXG, his relationship, and magic. This new interview with Entertainment Weekly has all those topics, as well as Moore talking about his favorite TV show.

Do you think that any good can come of comics movies?

I increasingly fear that nothing good can come of almost any adaptation, and obviously that’s sweeping. There are a couple of adaptations that are perhaps as good or better than the original work. But the vast majority of them are pointless.

Posted by Mark Coale


  1. This Alan Moore interview is a delight. His reason for keeping his long hair and beard is the same one I’ve been using for the past year or so.

    And then as a link off of Alan Moore’s interview, I see this review for Blake Bell’s new Steve Ditko book:,,20211781,00.html

  2. Just caught a midnight show of Batman Dark Knight (completely sold out in 4 local theatres, and oh, best movie EVER!!!!!) and they had the full length Watchmen trailer.

    I was floored.

    Serious Shock and Awe.

    Watchmen looks like its going to be grrrrrrrreat!

  3. Brett said: “Watchmen looks like its going to be grrrrrrrreat!”

    Do you know the irony in your comment quoting a breakfast creal mascot commenting about Watchmen’s film? Moore joking in this interview that Hollywood is so desperate that they’re going to turn to corporate breakfast cereal mascots next.

    Still, I think this might be as good as any Watchmen film could expect to be.

  4. “but that you get reincarnated as yourself, over and over again. You have the same thoughts, and you never know you’ve done this [before], except for those little moments of déjà vu.”

    Soo…Alan Moore believes we are all Neo’s, in the Matrix? O.o


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