The Manga Moment

Yesterday we trekked out to the Brooklyn Art Museum to see the Takashi Murakami show on its very last day, and so did a lot of other people. Old people, young people, white people, brown people, tan people. Obvious androgynous anime/otaku type folks with thrift store clothes made from a symphony of zippers and an […]

Spring Xeric Awards

Well it’s kinda summer, but the winners are up! The creators receiving grants are as follows: Gary Scott Beatty – Jazz: Cool Birth Marek Bennett – Breakfast at Mimi’s Doughnuts Eroyn Franklin – Another Glorious Day at the Nothing Factory Jason Hoffman – Mine Jack Hsu – 8-9-3 Jenny Jaeckel – Spot 12 Dave Kiersh […]


Another comic book movie has landed at #1 at the box office, as HELLBOY II led the way: Hellboy II: The Golden Army stormed onto approximately 4,400 screens at 3,204 theaters and grossed an estimated $35.9 million over the weekend, a significant bump over its predecessor’s $23.1 million start. That was the bar for Hellboy […]

Barack Obama in the media

While Oh! Great adds him to the pages of Air Gear, Barry Blitt’s New Yorker cover has other ideas. To us, this is a bit like the old Ed Anger column in the Weekly World News. If you were in on it you got it, but lots of people don’t, alas.

Youka Nitta swipes

Frank Santoro was right! Popular boys love manga-ka Youka Nitta has admitted to lots and lots of tracing. In her webpage notice, Nitta directly acknowledged that she traced Diesel’s photograph for the opening page of Stand on Vessel. She added that she is somewhat naïve in her awareness of copyrights, but acknowledged after much reconsideration […]

Manga moments

§ ICv2 finds out more about Viz’s original manga initiative: Are you looking for manga-style properties? If by “manga” you mean what is generally considered manga in the United States (fantasy and romance aimed at teenagers), then no. If by “manga” you mean what is meant by manga in Japan (a broad range of comics […]

KIbbles ‘n’ Bits

§ Stan Sakai recounts a gathering to remember Dave Stevens: If you think Dave was a handsome man, Scott revealed he was even better looking as a woman as he found out when Dave was dressed for a Halloween party by two transvestites. Ed Wood himself was at the event. Bill Wray told of how […]

AMERICAN GODS sampling report

Over on his blog, Neil Gaiman reports on the results of Harper Collins’ read American Gods for free online promotion: The Browse Inside Full Access promotion of American Gods drove 85 thousand visitors to our site to view 3.8 Million pages of the book (an average of 46 pages per person). On average, visitors spent […]

Let Hell Week commence!

It’s here! The worst week of the year! You’ve been planning your San Diego Con activities and events for about 50 weeks but you have just ONE WEEK to get it all done. Sweet, right? We’re surprisingly calm and collected for Hell Week this year. The Beat has been shopping, doing the laundry, working out, […]