SD Programming — up soon

David Glanzer has informed us that the San Diego programming schedules that everyone has been linking to today were not final, and have been taken down for now. He expects final programming to go up any day now, however. We took down our previous post, but as soon as the new schedule is up it […]

Manga for…grown-ups?

While the online manga world continues to fret about whether manga will ever grow up, Chris Butcher spots some evidence in TIME Magazine: Meanwhile, Time Magazine is running an article on the guilty pleasures of famous authors. #1? Why it’s Pulitzer Prize winner Junot Diaz talking about his love of Naoki Urasawa’s MONSTER: “Urasawa is […]

And you can look it up…

Thanks to all who sent me the link for the word “Fanboy” entering the Merriam-Webster dictionary along with other useful terms like “edamame” and “webinar”. The word is cited all the way back to 1919, doubtless in some kind of “He’s totally a fanboy for Baroness Orczy!” kind of way. However, Gia Manry was incensed […]

HELLBOY is everywhere

Speaking of Mike Mignola, he very kindly forwarded us some pictures of HELLBOY II promos around New York. It is kind of odd to realize that Hellboy is now an iconic character who loms over Time Square. Sniff…we knew ye when… Technorati Tags: Hellboy


§ Mike Mignola gets his Daily News profile moment: In his typically self-effacing manner, Mignola writes it off, saying, “‘Gaslight’ put me on the map, and then I careened off into projects that nobody gave a shit about.” One such project was the comic adaptation of Francis Ford Coppola’s “Bram Stoker’s Dracula,” which was a […]

The Cream of Tank Girl

A retrospective volume including a new story, and a remastered edition of the classic Martin/Hewlett TANK GIRL strips are on their way from Titan Books. PR below. Spewing filth and fury since 1988, Alan Martin and Jamie Hewlett’s anarchic heroine Tank Girl has long held the title of cult icon. Now, from the depths of […]

There’s a kind of hush…

Not much going on this week. Still waiting for the new A/C. Truthfully, everyone is in pre-San Diego mode as the entire comics/tv/entertainment industry sees to those last minute details for panels, parties, meetings, deals, contracts, proposals, and God know what all else. We’re shifting into d/l mode ourselves…PUBLISHERS: PLEASE GET US YOUR SAN DIEGO […]