Schaefer now at Marvel

Well, after all that chatter about who was editing what at DC, we’ve just learned that Jeanine Schaefer, who had worked with Mike Marts, Mike Carlin and Eddie Berganza on such books as Countdown, 52 and Final Infinite Crisis, just started today at Marvel, working in Tom Brevoort’s office.

Chuck Dixon and the DCU — UPDATED

UPDATE: Well well well. The Diamond figures for the month are out, and Secret Invasion #2 came in at #1 with Final Crisis #1 coming in at #2. We can’t imagine anyone at DC is very happy about that. The recent departure of Chuck Dixon as a writer at DC has spawned a cottage industry […]

Platinum updates – UPDATED

UPDATE: we’ve corrected the mention of IDT owning pieces of both IDW and Vanguard Animation. IDT and IDT Entertainment are now two separate entities, having split in 2006. Although IDW’s did make a 2007 deal with the original IDT, IDW has no association with IDT Entertainment, Vanguard Animation, or Platinum Studios. In all the hubbub […]

Links o’ the Day

§ Tom Spurgeon interviews Gary Panter: SPURGEON: So a book like this, what can that do for you? Does it help you establish relationships with galleries? Is it just bringing that aspect of your work to the attention of people who follow that art form? PANTER: I think a book like this makes people happy; […]

Yet MORE Tokyopop stuff

Following Friday’s announcement by Rivkah that much of Tokyopop’s OEL output would be moving to the web, some dissenting voices were heard. Christy Lijewski posted that her re:PLAY #3 will see print: Contrary to what all the manga and anime news sites are reporting not EVERY OEL from TokyoPop is canceled/direct to web.I’m happy to […]


It’s never too soon! SLG annoucnes its Comic-Con plans: But, in any case, our booth will be our real home base. It’s where we will spend 11 hours a day, relentlessly offering the public comics, graphic novels, T-shirts, posters, and toys. Many artists will also be there, to sign books and exchange pleasantries. Here they […]

PiQ Magazine bites the dust

PiQ magazine, the successor to NewType, has bitten the dust with its 4th issue: The current issue of PiQ (Issue 4, July 2008) will be our last. It’s unfortunate that we’ll never get a chance to see how successful PiQ could have been, but a combination of low advertising revenue, poor business management and a […]

Which Kate Beckinsale body part will not appear in WHITEOUT?

Silly tabloid chatter, but for those wondering what’s up with WHITEOUT, the upcoming film based on the Greg Rucka/Steve Lieber GN, apparently some reshoots are being done so that Kate Beckinsale’s “giant rump” will not be seen: But a source on her new film Whiteout said: “Kate has a terrible self-image. She thinks she is […]

Norton smash!

To no one’s surprise, THE INCREDIBLE HULK came in #1 at the box-office this weekend, keeping up the latest run of #1 openings for comic book movies in general. Ol’ Jade Jaws took in $54,538,000 beating KUNG FU PANDA and THE HAPPENING. Over at Variety, Anne Thompson has the most complete report yet on just […]