“Disturbed comic fan” stabbing rampage

A crazed truck driver went on a gruesome rampage Sunday in Tokyo’s nerd-friendly Akihabara district, killing seven people. The horrible incident has received international attention, but the killer’s otaku-tendencies have not gone unnoticed as this Yahoo photo caption shows: A disturbed comic-book fan who killed seven people on a stabbing frenzy in downtown Tokyo From […]

Rory Root memorial seeks contributions

Press release: Due to legal concerns regarding Rory Root’s estate Comic Relief cannot fund the memorial celebrations that are scheduled on June 21st. The two events include a Root family-planned picnic to be held Joaquin Miller Park in the Oakland Hills from 11am-4pm and a Comic Relief staff-planned celebration at Comic Relief 2026 Shattuck Ave, […]

Chris Ware winner VPRO Grand Prix 2008

Chris Ware beat out Dominique Goblet and Naoki Urasawa for this year’s VPRO Grand Prix, an award handed out each year at the Stripdagen Haarlem in the Netherlands. Marcel Ruijters won the VPRO Hoogste Prijs for best Dutch cartoonist, and Randall C won the VPRO Debut Prize. More info in the PR below: Chris Ware […]

MoCCA Memories, 1

Just a quick round-up of this morning’s top MoCCA links — first of doubtless dozens and dozens. Our own blog post will have to wait until we’ve finished out official PWCW write-up. § The best event of the weekend, based on numerous reports was the Lynda Barry talk on Friday, which we’re totally bummed we […]

Some quick links to start off the day right

§ Joel Meadows has pictures from the STUDIO SPACE signing featuring Brian Bolland, Dave Gibbons and Sean Phillips at Forbidden Planet in London. I had horrible images of two people turning up for the signing but the queue was pretty decent and they had about 60 people get stuff signed and buy copies of the […]