MoCCA: Top Shelf

Chris Staros tells us who will be at the Top Shelf booth: Alex Robinson — with the debut of his (amazing) new graphic novel: TOO COOL TO BE FORGOTTEN Liz Prince — with her new book DELAYED REPLAYS Andy Runton (Owly) Robert Venditti (The Surrogates) Jeff Lemire (Essex County/Tales from the Farm & Ghost Stories) […]

MoCCA: PictureBox

Okay we’re nerds, but we may just bring our copy of this. But even more important…FINALLY …GODDESS OF WAR! PictureBox will be at the MoCCA comics festival this weekend at NYC’s Puck Building (At the corner of Lafayette and Houston). We will debut the following books and zines: -Goddess of War by Lauren Weinstein -Cold […]

MoCCA: Alternative Comics

The annual MoCCA Art Festival is being held this weekend in New York at the historic Puck Building in lower Manhattan. Alternative Comics has a number of exciting new books debuting at the show: Sam Henderson will be debuting Magic Whistle #11: Body Armor For Your DignityBody Armor For Your Dignity Karl Stevens will be […]

More Mocca Stuf

Once again, The Daily Cross Hatch has a far more coherent MoCCA preview than we could manage at this point, but here’s some more who’s where with what: Bryan Lee O’Malley with new postcards! Hope Larson with $20 Chiggers deal! Check it out! Dash Shaw with BodyWorld Cosplay (above) Alex Robinson often paired with Mike […]

Links of notable merit

§ Wizard interviews Norwegian comics great Jason who usually speaks in only short bursts, but they get a few paragraphs here and there: You have some other fantastic strip work that appears in Meow Baby, that also has recurring motifs. What’s your philosophy behind gag strips?JASON: No philosophy, really. I wanted to do strips that […]

Tokyopop letter to creators

Publisher Mike Kiley sent out this letter to Tokyopop creators yesterday: Hey, everybody (all TOKYOPOP Manga Creators) – As many of you have no doubt heard by now, we have announced some changes at TOKYOPOP this week. We understand that this announcement may have created some uncertainty for you and we wanted to reach out […]

Big Apple this weekend

Well hellzapoppin this weekend in New York, as if MoCCA and a Maid Cafe tea party weren’t enough there’s also a Big Apple Con featuring Oscar® winner Richard Dreyfuss, Ice-T, and…Malcolm McDowell. Relive those Clockwork Orange memories! Cartoonists will also be featured, including Bernie Wrightson, Gene Ha, etc etc. MIKE CARBONARO’S BIG APPLE COMIC BOOK, […]

A sale is a sale

Yesterday’s Journalista had some harsh words for my analysis of Marvel’s bookstore sales, especially my mention of Marvel having several entries in the PW graphic novel bestseller list: Most of that paragraph is at least debatable, but that last sentence has two crossed fingers behind its back. What you need to remember is that the […]