Tokyopop layoff update

We’re hearing that editorial cuts at Tokyopop include Rob Tokar, Luis Reyes, Paul Morrissey, Hope Donovan and Tim Beedle. Which means the two editors in charge of the Manga Pilot Program. who were defending it just last week, are now gone. Oops. We’ve also heard that marketing and sales staff have been cut, rumored to […]

Update: Tokyopop

Okay as you may have heard by now, while we on the road, Tokyopop announced its split into two divisions: a publishing arm and a movie/multi-media line, called Tokyopop Media. They alaso announced the layoffs of 39 people, and a 50% reduction in their publishing line. A bunch of people have weighed in on this, […]

Schmidt Joins IDW

Former Marvel editor Andy Schmidt has joined the ranks at IDW. PR: IDW Publishing is pleased to announce the addition of the newest member to the IDW team. Andy Schmidt has come onboard as the new Senior Editor. Andy will serve as a leader helming several licensed properties but also developing new projects. Andy started […]

Update: Marvel

Just a few little notes here and there from stuff we picked up on the road over the last few days. Our sushi-sharing pal Matt Maxwell has a fabulous write-up of BEA which is a must read that includes this: You’d also be out one farm. The only place Shellhead appeared was in the SECRET […]

A few quick links

§ This article from the London Times Book Review by Michael Saler may just be the most evenhanded treatment of the Rise of the Graphic Novel from the viewpoint of a member of the Old Skool Cultural Elite yet: But critics of genre are increasingly counter-balanced by prominent proponents and practitioners, including Haruki Murakami, David […]

2008 Doug Wright Award nominees

Just as American has the Harveys and The Eisners, Canada has the Shusters and the Doug Wright Awards, the latter established in 2005. The Doug Wright award nominees are chosen by a jury of top-notch cartoonists and the winners by another distinguished jury, and the selections definitely represent the literary end of Canadian cartooning. Here’s […]

The NEW Newsarama

It’s here. And it’s a lot like a giant entertainment website. But it does look very, very nice. Is it functional? No time to find out now, although we will note that it FINALLY has RSS feeds, although none of them are working in Net NewsWire…yet.

Oh boy

Well, it’s nice to be back home with Little Inky and Future Mr Beat, but the news is piling up like cord wood! MOCCA! Tokyopop! Heroes Con! San Diego! Final Crisis! Wizard World! Borders! We’re trying to wade through the most important parts right now.