Trouble Ahead #3: Platinum

We’ve had some fun at the expense of DJ Coffman over the years, but he has always been a good sport about it, so it give us no gloating thrill to report that Coffman, who has been the biggest supporter of Platinum Entertainment over the years, now sadly announces that he has suspended HERO BY […]

Trouble Ahead #2: DramaQueen

DramaQueen is one of a number of small manga publishers that has sprung up in the past few years, specializing in boy’s love and other female-targeted manga. They’ve been around since 2005, but haven’t published a book since Sept. 2007. Recently, publisher Tran Nguyen told Brigid Alverson that they would be back up on their […]

Trouble Ahead #1: Toykopop

Oh boy are there a lot of rumors swirling around Tokyopop! At BEA everyone had one. We’re not going to repeat any until we’ve had a chance to follow up on some of them, but our email is full of tales of woe and horror from creators — some of them frankly quite surprising to us […]


Apologies for the late update. We’ve had computer woes, a dog to walk, a mandatory trip to see SEX AND THE CITY (oh boy would that be a rant) etc etc etc. We’re happy to announce that the bellman at the Bonaventure saw that our luggage was broken and GAVE US (unasked) a strap to […]