2008 Reuben Winners

As previusly announced Al Jaffee (Above) won THE Reuben, but many other awards were given out over the weekend: Newspaper Panel: Chad Carpenter Edtorial cartoons: Bill Schorr Newspaper Strips Award: Jim Meddick Advertising Illustration Award: Tom Richmond Book Illustration Award: Sandra Boynton Newspaper Illustration Award: Sean Kelly Animation Feature Award: David Silverman, THE SIMPSONS MOVIE […]

Shuster Award Hall of Fame winners announced

Stanley Berneche, John Byrne, Pierre Fournier and Edwin R. “Ted” McCall have been annoucned as the 2008 inductees into the Canadian Comic Book Creator Hall of Fame. Canada’s first national award recognizing outstanding achievements by Canadian creators in the creation and publication of comic books and graphic novels returns in 2008 for it’s fourth year: […]


Well, it’s not enough that comic book movies have saved the box office, now they are saving the DVD business, which fell 3.2% last year to a mere $15.9 billion. How? Well, using Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons, of course. According to the NY Times, Warner is trying a bold new tactic in conjunction with […]