RIP Thelma Keane

Thelma Keane, wife of cartoonist Bil and inspiration for the mom in FAMILY CIRCUS has died at age 82 of Alzheimer’s disease. “She was the inspiration for all of my success,” Bil Keane, 85, told The Associated Press from his home in Paradise Valley on Sunday. “When the cartoon first appeared, she looked so much […]

Kibbles ‘n Bits 5/26

God, it’s been a while! § Speaking of 30 DAYS OF NIGHT, here’s a Fearnet promo image for the film by Ben Templesmith. § Will GREEN LANTERN be to DC what IRON MAN was to Marvel at the movies? Comics Book Bin sure hopes so: Whether or not a Green Lantern film would feature the […]

The Hobbit 2

What will be contents of the TWO Hobbit movies now in the works from producer Peter Jackson and director Guillermo del Toro? There is sure to be an unexpected party, and Smaug and Bard and barrels and all that, but what’s in that second movie? It’s purported to cover the 60 years between the end […]

Whiteout hits in September

In the recent avalanche of comic book movies, one has been MIA for a while — the Kate Beckinsale starrer WHITEOUT, based on the GN by Greg Rucka and Steve Lieber. Its been in the can for a while, but appears to have been caught (perhaps — this is our speculation only) part of the […]

Brill goes BOOM!

Ian Brill makes the jump from blogger/journo to the man who makes the sausage, joining Boom! as Games Workshop editor. Congrats, Ian! We’ll miss you as a freelancer, and at those whacked-out San Diego PWCW editorial meetings, but we’re proud of you for moving onward and upwards. PR below. BOOM! Studios announced today the appointment […]