A little about Rory

Comics has lost one its great souls in Rory Root. The man seemed timeless and immortal, despite all his health issues, and also ageless, but many people are reporting he was 50. The web is filled with outpourings of grief testifying to his endless supply of generosity, wisdom and support. Words like “trust” and “help” […]

Alone, Unmourned and Unloved

A little while ago, Dave Sim’s supporters posted an online petition aimed at…well, it was a little hard to tell what it was aimed at, but gaining public support would be the most obvious guess. Sim said he would only correspond in the future with those who signed the petition. Confusion over the appropriateness of […]

April sales up a bit

John Jackson Miller has posted his April 2008 sales estimates via Diamond. Jackson relates that although several categories were down, over all backlist propelled sales over a year ago: Overall, the comics industry fared better against last April — but only overall. Comparatives in the narrower categories remain slightly down, even considering this April had […]

The time that land forgot

We’re in another one of those horrible time crunch periods so we’re just skimming the highlights. And it’s horrible in general. Gerber, Stevens, now Rory Root. People taken too soon. People who were our contemporaries. People who need help, like Gene Colan and Dave Pirkola. Tom Spurgeon has a sobering post about the need for […]