Help David Pirkola

People are rallying once again, this time to aid retailer David Pirkola who was shot and seriously injured in a robbery attempt. Pirkola has no insurance, and the comics world is giving to help: 4/29 UPDATEAn amazing day yesterday, as last night we crossed over the $2000 mark in donations. Thank you to everyone who […]

Iron screening causes ruckus

Everyone has IRON MAN fever! The film, opening Friday, has gotten fab reviews from everyone but the New Yorker, and Robert Downey Jr’s performance is being hailed as one of his best ever, and a new benchmark for a superhero movie. However there have been a few glitches along the way. Tireless Jeff Trexler alerts […]

SPOILERS: Marvel edition

Meanwhile Marvel is colluding with EW to reveal a new version of Venom and fill in future Spider-Man storylines. There comes a time when even a storied supervillain needs a do-over, and that moment has arrived for Spider-Man arch-nemesis Venom. Well, sorta. The extraterrestrial symbiote — which most famously glommed onto embittered Spider-friend Eddie Brock […]


Big comics story in today’s NY Daily News whose very url spoils something huge. SERIOUSLY DO NOT CLICK IF YOU HAVE NOT READ DC UNIVERSE #0. Val has more to say in another URL spoiler. Also, I find it interesting that the direct market is depending on the spoilers not to be spoiled in order […]