Cartoon: Sita Sings the Blues

Some of your out there may remember Nina Paley, an indie cartooner who went on to create the syndicated Fluff, but has lately been pretty much absent from comics pages. That’s because she’s become an animator and her SITA SINGS THE BLUES is playing at this week’s Tribeca Film Festival. Friday’s premiere is already sold […]

Tom’s really, really crappy con

As opposed to the people who had a fun time, Tom Spurgeon says NYCC 08 was “bland and pointless, the kind of event that calls into question the entire enterprise more than it makes a case for the ascendancy of a shining new example.”: Trying to limit my time at the show to better enjoy […]

Around the blogosphere

Big BIG report over at The Comics Reporter as Bart Beaty lays smack down on David Hajdu’s THE TEN CENT PLAGUE: I read The Ten-Cent Plague with great avidity. Hajdu is a compelling storyteller, and his interviews with some of the key players at the time add important shadings to our understanding of the period. […]

Thought for the day

One browser crash and one unexpected Scribefire update later and it’s all gone. Added note: Pretty quiet around here as everyone is still tuckered out from the big NYCC bash. Even Dirk is sick and tired from ignoring the show. We’re just easing along ourselves, enjoying the nice weather when we can and gearing up […]

Where the girls are

Various notes and comments on various aspects of women in comics over the past few days. § Reminder: It’s always someone’s first convention panel!. Huffington Post’s Michelle Kung: I began the fest with a DC Comics cocktail event at the Park Bar, where I was introduced to a slew of writers and more importantly, was […]

Newsy bits this week

Some little news notes that have been floating around: Zuda news: a second chance for previous contestants to get picked up via the Zuda Invitational and a new strip by Dean Haspiel, STREET CODE which is an “instant winner.” 3. The much talked about ZUDA COMICS INVITATIONAL is on! Celebrating the one-year anniversary of our […]