Watchmen Toys? I’ve heard this before

Apparently, toys from the upcoming Watchmen movie will make their public debut at NYCC this weekend. But, Entertainment Weekly has some shots of the toys up now. Take a gander here I’ve heard this song before. I’ll believe them when I see them on the shelves at TRU. Posted by Mark Coale

Jeff Smith RASL Party photos

We had to poop out on last night’s RASL party because..well..we’re only human. Missing out on the chance to hobnob with Jeff Smith, Frank Miller, Colleen Doran, Kazu Kabuishi, Larry Marder, Becky Cloonan, Nikki Cook, Dan Goldman, Josh Dysart, and 100 fans was painful but necessary. At any rate the party was a big success […]

NYCC: The Beat

Hey here’s what we’re up to at the REALLY BIG SHOW: FRIDAY Friday 11:00 AM Room 1E09 From the Back of the Catalogue to the Top of the Charts As the audience for graphic novels expands, there are more options for creators and readers than ever. James Lucas Jones from Oni, Ross Richie from Boom! […]

Act-i-vate website goes live; Loviathan debuts

The long awaited Act-i-vate websitehas finally gone live. And Eisner-nominee Mike Cavallero’s new comic LOVIATHAN has also gone live. Check it out.

Levitz Vs Jakala round 2

We’re been behind on the regular news with all the con stuff going on, but the latest blog entry from Paul Levitz is . always worth noting. In this one Paul has many interesting points of DC history, particularly in regards to artists contracts. He also responds to some of the criticism of his analysis […]

Fashion and the comics again

Gwyneth Paltrow is on the cover of this month’s Vogue…and so is Iron Man’s helmet! Wacky! (Paltrow co-stars in the Iron Man movie, in case you forgot.) We’re told the insides contain more comics coverage but we haven’t been able to drop by one of New York’s rapidly-vanishing newsstands to check it out yet. The […]

NYCC: Indie Spinner Rack — #875

If you’re looking for indie cartoonists at NYCC, the Indie Spinner Rack booth is as good as any to find ’em! We are premiering the first official ISR t-shirt and will have copies of the Awesome anthology available! We will be recording interviews throughout the weekend and will be raffling off a huge original sketch […]

NYCC: random bits

A smattering of newsie items we just coudn’t fit anywhere else. • Don’t miss Kyle Baker at booth #2441. He’ll be selling copies of THE BAKERS: BABIES & KITTENS (Image) – nominated for an Eisner (Best Writer/Artist-Humor)! – selling sketches and displaying his award-winning animation on a giant flat-screen TV! • Alex Ross will be […]

To do Saturday: Toon Books

If you aren’t at the con, there is still plenty of comics related frolic to be had, including this event at the McNally Robinson bookstre: Comics for Kids with TOON Books: Geoffrey Hayes, author of Benny and Penny in Just PretendFrank Cammuso and Jay Lynch, creators of Otto’s Orange DayIntroduction by TOON Books editor Art […]

Edward Norton doesn’t hate puny Hulk after all

EW covers the rumored Ed Norton/Marvel feud over the upcoming Hulk movie, and scoops Norton’s own statement on the donnybrook, which he refers to by the Hollywood term: “healthy process.” “Like so many people I’ve loved the story of The Hulk since I was a kid, so it was thrilling when Marvel asked me to […]

Desperate studios turn to things people actually wrote

Here’s a little background for you. It seems the writers strike has left Hollywood scrambling for IP — any IP, even graphic novels, books and magazines. : Feature development execs were bracing for a deluge of feature spec scripts to flood the market after the 100-day writers strike wrapped in mid-February. But the storm, if […]

NYCC: Viz — 1365

Viz will not have a booth at the show but they have a manga lounge and a lot of movie screenings and panels, one featuring Stan Lee, although it is press only. VIZ Media, LLC (VIZ Media), one of the entertainment industry’s most innovative and comprehensive publishing, animation and licensing companies, has announced its plans […]

NYCC: Devil’s Due and Milo Ventimiglia — #1156

We may not be able to spell Milo Ventimiglia’s name, but that doesn’t mean we can’t post this press release: Devil’s Due Publishing is proud to announce that Milo Ventimiglia (Star of TV’s Heroes and the upcoming film Pathology) and Russ Cundiff (Producer of It’s a Mall World) will be making a special appearance at […]

NYCC: Marvel – #1141

Not much is going on at Marvel these days so they will be very quiet at the New York show… PSYCHE! Marvel has more events than you can shake a Shkull at. Marvel will be having a wide range of panels and events happening over the course of this weekend’s New York Comic-Con. Everything from […]

Tony Lee in New York SHOCKER!!

Via his LJ: As known, last night I was alone, and checking out today so I could check back in with Sean Dulaney later today. Before I did this however, I plugged my laptop into the wall to do some scripting. However, the socket was loose and the moment I did? I was blown back […]