You cannot escape New York Comic-Con

New York Comic-Con is looking at the end of the week, and to celebrate the occasion The Beat has a stiff neck, doubtless touched off by the stress. We’re maing a stress pizza here, folks; nay a veritable stress bouillabaisse. Luckily, or unluckily, every other person we know in New York vagely involved in comcis […]

ORPHAN WORKS dos and don’ts

Over the weekend we received about a zillion links to this call to arms at Animation World Magazine decrying an upcoming amendment to the Orphan Works bill soon to come up for vote: In short, if Congress passes this law, YOU WILL LOSE THE RIGHT TO MAKE MONEY FROM YOUR OWN CREATIONS! Why is this […]

FLUKE memories

Drew Weing’s Fluke ’08 photos on Flickr. (Above) Cable & TWeed has more. Paste pot Pete also reports: I attended the Fluke convention in Athens, Georgia this past weekend. For those who are unfamiliar with Fluke…it’s a small convention held upstairs in Tasty World in downtown Athens. Consisiting of nothing but independant and self-published comic […]

Gloeckner wins Guggenheim

Cartoonist and art teacher Phoebe Gloeckner has won a Guggenheim Fwllowship. The Fllowships are prosented to advanced professionals in a variety of creative and scientific fields to enable them to work on projects with creative freedom. Gloeckner will use hers to work on a graphic novel.. Gloeckner will use her fellowship to create a graphic […]

Uniqlo does Tezuka again

Actress Chloe Sevigny models the Tezuka-inspired t-shirts from Japanese retailers Uniqlo.. This latest T-shirts have been designed in collaboration with iconic Australian artist Keith Harring, artist Jean-Michel Basquiat as well as a line devoted to the 50th anniversary of Manga magazines (the coolest Japanese comics) as seen on Chloe here in the campaign shots which […]

Word Balloons blog debuts

Word Balloons is a new blog which aims to be the daily morning read for kids comics. Tt’s edited by Brigid Alverson, so that’s a good start. She’s aided by Katherine Dacey, Lori Henderson, Esther Keller, Eva Volin and Snow Wildsmith, a merry band of writers and librarians whom we intend to read avidly. The […]

2008 Eisner Award Nominations

They’re out! Labelled “the most diverse yet” we’re just looking at the list andthey are definiely very indie friendly while not entirely ignoring the superheroes here and there with nominations for everything from Urasawa to Comic Foundry. Here’s awards administrator Jackie Estrada’s press release: The nomination list for the 2008 Will Eisner Comic Industry Awards […]

New titles from Archaia Studios Press

A new Devil’s Panties collection and new art from Christian Gossett highlight the offerings from Archaia Studios Press this summer. Best known these days for publisher MOUSE GUARD, ASP has been positioning itself as a graphic novel publisher, mostly in deluxe, full color packages, specializing in fantasy and SF. You can see the whole list […]

Funky Mooney Sunday

Funky Winkerbean creator Tom Batiuk remarks on the passing of comics artist Jim Mooney — it turns out a strip Mooney drew for the comic strip may be his last published work: I was saddened to hear about Jim Mooney’s passing. About a year ago, Tony Isabella wrote a sweet little Funky Winkerbean Sunday featuring […]

Kibbles ‘n’ Bits 4/14

§ Go read Michael Chabon’s unused screenplay for Spider-Man 2 courtesy of McSweeneys. This is the version where Peter Parker investigates J. Jonah Jameson’s immigrant heritage before they both go to Alaska for a soul-baring confrontation that reveals what it really means to be a man and a father. Joke free aside: wait, that was […]