Chloe Sevigny Fronts Uniqlo S Latest Campaign Imagesnewshome
Actress Chloe Sevigny models the Tezuka-inspired t-shirts from Japanese retailers Uniqlo..

This latest T-shirts have been designed in collaboration with iconic Australian artist Keith Harring, artist Jean-Michel Basquiat as well as a line devoted to the 50th anniversary of Manga magazines (the coolest Japanese comics) as seen on Chloe here in the campaign shots which you will be seeing, everywhere, from now!

Would Tezuka have approved of the “I am so stoned I cannot spell ‘I'” look that Sevigny displays here? Or would he have been inspired by the “I can make finger shadows!” hand gestures? Does this have anything to do with BLACK JACK?


  1. “And doesn’t Sevigny always look that way?”

    What? Mouth agape and looking like she should be on her knees? jk. ;)

    sorry, couldn’t resist.

  2. I like how the shirts are designed in collaboration with two dead artists.

    Oh wait! They’re not dead — they’re Australian! So after all this time it turns out they faked their deaths and moved to Australia. Well that cheers me up considerably.