Backstage at the TMCM opera

Creator Shannon Wheeler blogs about the opening night of the expanded Too Much coffee Man opera: Opening night was a hoot. We had a fuse blow so we didn’t get to use the cool light effects for the second act. Stacey (too much coffee man) is feeling much better. He’s still sick but he’s not […]

Random notes

Today’s news bits have more sociology than comics news at the core; so sue us. § SF writer John Scalzi has some sensible comments that apply to any field on convention etiquette: This does lead to another question: Is there a time at a convention when you shouldn’t say hello to an author? Well, sure. […]

Can Sparky Greene Change Comics?

The headline says it all: New comic book team faces challenge: But Sparky Greene, a writer and film producer from Malibu, wants a piece of that market. He and a small group of designers and artists have created a fantasy universe with a new graphic novel, “The Age of Insects: Not Human,” with characters they […]

Some new movie stills

WB released new stills from SPEED RACER, CLONE WARS and THE DARK KNIGHT on Friday. In this post, we share ones we like with you. “Begun this clone tool has.” Has tghis still been out for a while? We’ve lost track. =( Me gusto mucho Racer X!