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The headline says it all: New comic book team faces challenge:

But Sparky Greene, a writer and film producer from Malibu, wants a piece of that market. He and a small group of designers and artists have created a fantasy universe with a new graphic novel, “The Age of Insects: Not Human,” with characters they say are more appealing in some ways than the old heroic archetypes.

Greene is shown here with one of his hissing cockroaches.


  1. “Greene’s idea was rejected four times by Diamond before the company accepted the book in October. Palethorpe thinks that the company’s strong presence at Comic-Con in San Diego in July is what grabbed Diamond’s attention. At their booth, they had a young woman, dubbed “Insect Girl,” who was decked out in a see-through dress with live, hissing cockroaches inside the lining.”

    It worked. Diamond picked up the title, and they’ve sold 3,000 copies. Not bad. As someone who gets the creepy crawlies from seeing an enlarged photo of a flea in the encyclopedia, I’m not sure I’d appROACH their booth.

  2. I know this is a nitpick, and I know that all sorts of small mistakes creep into press coverage, and I don’t want this taken as anything against these creators, but as a book publishing guy and a bibliophile, I found parts of that article amusing but perhaps none more so as the description of “a 57-page book.”

    How does a book (comic or otherwise) wind up with an odd number of pages?

    I know, I know…they probably mean that there are 57 pages of comics content in whatever the final package is; I’m just used to the standard way of describing page counts in terms of full signatures which will always result in even numbers.

    Still, I guess noting 57 pages so precisely may be a testament to their desire for strict accuracy…

  3. Never believe all of what you read or how someone may be quoted. I never suggested that “I want to change comic books” nor would I suggest that we published a “57 page book”. I’m only responsible for what I publish not what other’s write about our efforts… Sorry…..