Fight Club

For those of you who enjoyed our ULTIMATE FIGHTER Season 5 recaps we’ve moved them to a more fitting venue over at UGO, where we write under the name of Hooligan. Enjoy.

Toon scandal?

The Nick Mag blog informs us that The April issue of Nickelodeon Magazine is another Cartoon themed issue. The cover above by Darwyn Cooke & Jacob Chabot isn’t the magazine cover but should be.

Lapham does…Pekar?

Martijn Form is writing a new column on Vertigo for Comics Bulletin, and the latest one includes a sneak preview of the new American Splendor mini which includes art by David Lapham. In this episode, Harvey must drive to Columbus with four bodies in the trunk of his car. Hilarity ensues.

Dark Horse manga examined

Recent comments on Dark Horse manga sales have been much talked about, and a post at Blogorama drew a response from Dark Horse Big Cheese Mike Richardson himself: Saw these posts and had to respond. First, most of Dark Horse manga sells extremely well. While it is true that the horror line did not sell […]

Wertham: Friend or foe?

While Fredric Wertham is the archetypal real-life bogeyman of comics, his legacy is not all black and white. Bart Beatty, author of Frederic Wertham and the Critique of Mass Culture and Jeet Heer debate Wertham’s portrayel in David Hajdu‘s The Ten Cent Plague at The Globe and Mail Beatty for the defense: Hajdu’s portrayal of […]

Toon Books goes back to press

Francoise Mouly has been on a mission to bring comics to the littlest readers with her beautiful Toon Books line. Looks like she’s not alone, as the three debut books have already had to go back to press. PR below: In response to overwhelming advance orders, TOON Books was taken by surprise and has had […]

Local Heroes in Edinburgh

The year of the scholarly look continues in Edinburgh as the National Library of Scotland presents a two month exhibitions of comics and a series of events featuring Alan Davis, Vince Deighan (Frank Quitely to you and me), Metaphrog and many others. You can see the entire list of events here but here’s the basics: […]

This and that

§ Frank Santoro looks at Matt Wagner at Comics Comics: I’ve been reading the original issues of Matt Wagner’s Mage. I honestly couldn’t tell you what it’s about. Magic, I think. I’m too busy looking at the art. Wagner’s layouts are quintessentially 80’s. And they are also crystal clear. There is something refreshing in the […]

On the road

We’ll be on the road for a few days for some semi-R&R. That means we’ll be blogging, and reading email but only for a few hours a day instead of all day all the time. Hopefully all hell won’t break loose again.