DC Comics Month-to-Month Sales February 2008

by Marc-Oliver FrischThe big DC Comics release in February was… ah, nothing. The biggest news across the publisher’s various imprints were a new creative team on The Spirit, an Astro City special and a new Johnny DC title. Although DC’s average periodical sales recovered slightly from their gigantic January slump, the company’s DC Universe line […]

The SHOCKING TRUTH!!! — Updated

Yow! You’ll never believe it but that Kinsey girl on MySpace was really a Marvel viral video campaign! The final video launched last night and shows Kinsey (played by Megan Sherlock) finding out her brother has been replaced by a Skrull. The videos were written by Marvel’s own Jim McCann and Ben Morse, and directed […]


While the April Zuda competition won’t be up until next week, the December winner, Pray for Death by Nick Doan and Daniele Serra is now updating, with a significant change to the art style. March’s winner was Black Cherry Bombshells by Johnny Zito, Tony Trov, Sacha Borisich and Alex Bruno. Frankly, we’re a little sad […]

Scott Dunbier back as IDW Special Projects Editor

Former Wildstorm Executive Editor Scott Dunbier has reemerged at IDW as Special Projects Editor. CBR has the first interview: Let’s compare what you’ll be doing at IDW to your previous job with WildStorm. How different will your job really be? It will actually be very different. I’ll be able to focus more on the nuts […]

Don Rosa update

While perusing the Disney forum for the previous item, we came across an update on Don Rosa’s detached retina relayed from Dan Shane on the Disney Comics Mailing List on 3/26: Don has communicated to me that on Tuesday he had a follow-up visit to the eye doctor to check the progress of his recent […]

Color Quandaries #2: The Barks Affair

Excitement ran high on various message boards when an Amazon listing was found for The Carl Barks Collection Set 1, to be published by Gemstone. It’s here – a ten-volume hardback set collecting Carl Barks’ complete Disney comics cycle! Remastered in more exceptional quality and color than earlier editions, the great tales of Donald Duck, […]

Color Quandaries #1: Killing Joke

There’s a handsome new hardcover edition of THE KILLING JOKE by Alan Moore and Brian Bolland out, featuring remastered color by Bolland. PopCultureShock has done a side by side on the color, and some people, like Chris Butcher, find the new version less than compelling. This seems like a “changing tastes” thing. One style is […]

Columns: Gender, stores, soaps

§ Kristy Valenti has the second part of her Gender and Reading Habits examination up, this time the girls are scrutinized, although more is known of their reading habits in general than comics reading habits specifically: Additionally, women read more, maintained USA Today while discussing a 2007 poll: “the median figure — with half reading […]

Platinum ‘s 2007

Now public Platinum has announced it’s 2007 financial results: For the year ended December 31, 2007, Platinum reported net revenues of $1.96 million compared to net revenues of $0.18 million for fiscal year 2006, representing a year-over-year increase of more than 1000%. The increased net revenues were primarily attributable to an increase in option and […]

Hollywood report: Stiller, Stan, Cera

Ben Stiller has joined the graphic novel set! He’ll produce and possibly star in The Return of King Doug based on a yet to be published Oni graphic novel by animation writers Greg Erb and Jason Oremland. The duo will also pen the screenplay. The title joins Oni’s Courtney Crumrin, The Damned, Scott Pilgrim (see […]