Stan Lee feted at NYCC

Legendary Stan Lee will be given the first New York Comics Legend award at this year’s New York Comic-Con. Lee will be presented with the award at a VIP reception at the Virgin Megastore. You can read all the PR in the jump, but it’s a nice touch that the award, the first of an […]

Mid-Ohio-Con Acquired By GCX Holdings

In January, Mid-Ohio Con owner Roger Price announced that he was selling the show. Now it appears a buyer has been found: GCX Holdings. A little Googling reveals little about this new company, except that it is located in Stamford. Managing Director James H. Henry is similarly Google-free, but for those who enjoyed this con […]

Alex Robinson’s Next Book

Alex Robinson’s next book is out this July, a graphic novel entitled TOO COOL TO BE FORGOTTEN; it’s the cmedic tale of a sorty-something man who is transported back to his high school days and gets a second chance to ask that girl in math class out.

The truth about comics

Doc Lehman wrote to share a gallery of photos from the 1930’s and 1940’s of people reading comics and newsstands. You should go check out all of them, but several are quite interesting — to us anyway! Given the era indicated by the clothing in these photos, it’s quite unlikely that they are some kind […]

ComicsPRO: CBLDF speech

Speaking of last week’s ComicsPRO meeting, CBLDF Executive Director Charles Brownstein was generous enough to make the text of his presentation available to us. In a meeting themed “Full Steam Ahead,” Brownstein discusses the importance of the direct market in the comics renaissance and announced that Jeff Smith would be doing his only store signing […]

The middle is STRONG

John Jackson Miller does his usual insightful number crunching with February’s sale numbers: …the February 2008 Top 300 as a group…sold 1.22 million more copies than the February 2001 grouping, an increase of 24%. Why? Mid-list strength. The 5,000-copy mark was at 191st place in February 2001; today, it’s at 226th place. The major publishers […]

ComicsPRO meeting news

ComicsPRO, the organization for comics retaielrs, held it’s conference last week, and Matt Price has a bunch of posts on the public presentations. Scroll back for reports on presentations by DC, the Hero Initiative, Graphitti Designs, and the CBLDF, among others. There’s bits of news scattered throughout, like this from Jeff Smith: In May, “Stupid […]

Foes find Marvel-b0y very stoppable

Over the weekend the Marvel-b0Y Live Journal was taken down, meaning you can’t read the very mild spoilers he posted about Secret Invasion which we read and have already forgotten — spoiler: a character will die! Was it for real? The industry was abuzz with speculation this weekend, and even some people at Marvel weren’t […]