Can’t we all just get along?

What have things come to, when even the precocious and eternally cute Hello Kitty is willing to settle a grudge by stepping into the squared circle? The presser: Pro Wrestling Guerrilla, in conjunction with Gente California and SANRIO Co., LTD., will present the first ever professional wrestling match for the Kitty World Order (KWO). On […]

PictureBox opens store

Following in the footsteps of Fantagraphics and Drawn & Quarterly, Picturebox, the Brooklyn-based art comix publisher, is opening a store in Gowanus, Brooklyn! First, we are opening a retail store in Brooklyn’s sunny and breezy Gowanus, Brooklyn. The PictureBox Departmental Store will carry the full range of PictureBox publications as well as an international array […]

The damage is irreversible

The Baltimore City Paper reviews Scrooged a show of Carl Barks art at the Geppi Entertainment museum. And you will cry: And “Yukon” is not an example of Barks’ best work, coming as it does from very late in his career, when his art had atrophied into generic Disneyness, unlike his more idiosyncratic, Hal Foster-influenced […]

February sales slump

The ICv2 charts same out yesterday, and for the second month in a row, things were down: Comic and graphic novel dollar sales to comic stores dipped in February vs. the year ago period, the second time in just four months that such a drop has occurred. The 4% drop followed an anemic 1% rise […]


As if writing and helping produce ONE opera wasn’t enough, crazy Shannon Wheeler has gone to the Black & Decker auto-drip one more time for a SEQUEL to his well-received Too Much Coffe Man Opera. PR in the jump, production info below: Too Much Coffee Man Opera the Refill What: Too Much Coffee Man Opera: […]

Astonishing things you can read on the internet, 3/19

§ Mark Evanier ponders the moment everyone panel moderator must face: opening the floor to questions. An open mike at a public event has increasingly become a magnet for people who should not be allowed near open mikes at public events. Audiences have begun to dread that portion of the program and to regard it […]

Cera to play SCOTT PILGRIM?

Michael Cera is taking a break from the world of Judd Apatow to star in the SCOTT PILGRIM’S LITTLE LIFE movie, The Hollywood Reporter reports. Edgar Wright is set to direct the Michael Bacall screenplay. Cera and Wright had mutual admiration for each other’s work, which manifested itself when Wright stepped in to act alongside […]