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As if writing and helping produce ONE opera wasn’t enough, crazy Shannon Wheeler has gone to the Black & Decker auto-drip one more time for a SEQUEL to his well-received Too Much Coffe Man Opera. PR in the jump, production info below:

Too Much Coffee Man Opera the Refill

What: Too Much Coffee Man Opera: The Refill
The world premiere of the sequel to the highly acclaimed opera
Who: Music composed by Daniel Craft
Libretto and original comics by Shannon Wheeler
Additional lyrics by Damian Willcox and Carolyn Main
Directed by Randy Rollison
When: April 4 – April 20
Where: Brunish Hall, Portland Center for the Performing Arts
1111 SW Broadway, Portland OR
Admission: $20 – $25, through
Show: The show is two hours with a 15 minute intermission
More info:

Last year the Portland cartoonist Shannon Wheeler brought his character, Too Much Coffee Man, to the stage as the world’s first comic book based opera. The extended show sold out.

Wheeler and his crew have brought the first show back for an encore and this time they have included the sequel. The first and second shows will play back to back with a short intermission between.

Randy Rollison, a veteran of many stage productions throughout the U.S, including the world premiere of The Vagina Monologues, has taken the helm as director. He’s determined to take this show up to the next level or, at least, do something really weird.

For many comic fans the original Too Much Coffee Man Opera was their first exposure to opera. While many opera fans saw Too Much Coffee Man for the first time. All attendees were impressed by the humor and the music.

The Too Much Coffee Man Opera is the story of an idealistic hero, named Too Much Coffee Man, as he competes with rival Espresso Guy for the attention of a Barista. Unfornately, she has her own agenda, to be a super hero.

The second opera, titled the Refill, picks up two years later. The Barista has fulfilled her superhero dream… and she’s married a Martian. Unfortunately she’s bored. She hopes caffeine will cure her ennui and calls Too Much Coffee Man for help. Antics ensue as Espresso Guy tries to win her back by pretending to be Too Much Coffee Man.


Too Much Coffee Man………Stacey Murdock

The Barista………………………..Jasmine Presson

Espresso Guy…………………….Matt Dolphin

The Martian………………………Daniel McLaughlin

Randy Rollison………………….Director

Meg Chamberlain…………….Producer


  1. As a long-time reader of wheeler’s comics, inc. TMCM, and living in CA, I completely missed the first run. I kicked myself in the pants for months over it. What a treat that those of us who missed the first run have the opportunity watch both the primo and successor together this time around. I can’t wait! I already have my ticket.