Popularity is scary

The Wisdom of Steven Grant continued: This week he reveals the secret truth no one wants you to know about! The American comics industry has lived for a long time on its own relatively isolated little island, where things have developed under fairly unique circumstances. But the medium’s no longer an island; only the business […]

You can never get enough Gustaf Tenggren

Is it time for another one of our Gustaf Tenggren-inspired panegyrics? Yes it is, courtesy of the ASIFA-Hollywood Animation Archive. Seriously, you should just read that blog every morning and skip everything else. In this installment they talk about the evolution of the Golden Book illustration style. (Tenggren went from working for Disney to drawing […]

Tom Brevoort’s Unknown Greats

“Great” might not be exactly the word some would use, but Marvel editor Tom Brevoort’s look back at some under-appreciated comics he worked on is a nice look back at some of the quirkier superhero-esque books of recent years. I put out a lot of comic books every month–especially when you factor in the books […]

Who wants some Salt Water Taffy?

Oni has announced the first volume in an all ages series by Matt Loux called Salt Water Taffy. In short it about two lads named Jack and Benny visit Maine and have adventures in the “unusual hamlet called Chowder Bay–a small town full of big mysteries, giant adventures, and gargantuan lobsters.” The first book is […]

Kibbles ‘n’ Bits 3/13

§ Anthem Magazine continues its interviews with great cartoonists with a Jamie Hernandez interview : If you were of a different ethnic background, do you think your characters would be different as well? I hope so. Not too many ethnic comics out there so I feel it’s my duty to handle my part of it. […]

Harry Potter 7 and…8?

What was rumored is true. HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS will be split into TWO movies. There was just too much struggle and plot to fit into one. After months of rumors, Warner Bros. and the producers of the massively successful movies will announce Thursday that they plan to split “Harry Potter and the […]