RIP — The Real Mlle. Marie?

While reading the NYT today, I was struck by the obit of Pearl Cornioley, a resistance fighter during WWII, who died a few weeks ago in France. She was the inspiration for the novel and later film CHARLOTTE GRAY, which starred Cate Blanchett. But…given that her code name was Marie, it made me wonder. Was […]

Dave Stevens 1955-2008

I’ve just received word that Dave Stevens, the creator of the Rocketeer, died yesterday at age 52. Stevens had dropped out of sight for the most part in recent years and had been battling leukemia, a fact which he kept as private as possible. Stevens was known for his meticulous artwork, reminiscent of the greatest […]

Boy dies in Naruto-related accident

Codey Porter, 10, has died after playmates buried him headfirst in a sandbox — an act inspired by Naruto’s ability to bury himself in the ground. Despite the tragic and horrible circumstances — his friends buried him in fun and didn’t realize he was really in trouble when he began struggling — the initial news […]


Tom broke the news that one of the most fondly remembered of all golden age humor comics is finally getting a reprint courtesy of Dark Horse . It’s HERBIE by Ogden Whitney. We can’t say that we’ve ever actually read an issue of Herbie, by Ogden Whitney. (It was before even our time.) But we’ve […]

Child porn outlawed in Japan, manga okay

Japan — along with Russia the only G8 country not to ban the possession of child pornography, has bowed to international pressure and has taken steps to do just that. According to the Guardian piece just linked, there’s still an exemption: manga and anime. According to the piece, Japan is one of the world’s biggest […]

Viz debuts nine

Viz has announced officially nine new titles for the second quarter, GUN BLAZE WEST, HARUKA: BEYOND THE STEAM OF TIME, NIGHTMARE INSPECTOR: YUMEKUI KENBUN, B.O.D.Y, FAIRY CUBE, THE RECORD OF A FALLEN VAMPIRE, ROSARIO+VAMPIRE, GIMMICK! and CAT EYED BOY. Most of these have been up on Amazon for a while, but the most interesting (to […]

This and that

§ Chris Butcher is on a tear this week, first with a calling-a-spade-a-spade . post So yeah, most of the 3300 graphic novels released in 2007 sucked. Godwin’s Law Sturgeon’s Law is that 95% of everything is crap, and that’s about right in this case. Of course, the fact that there’s a “Godwin’s Law” “Sturgeon’s […]

Official PR on Paul Pope Jeans

Starting in September, you will be able to purchase DKNY jackets, hoodies and tees emblazoned with the art of Paul Pope in the 2089 line. We sincerely hope that these will be in sizes that people larger than Paul Pope can wear. DKNY Jeans announces today a new collection co-designed by famed graphic novelist Paul […]

The Web Cartoonists’ Choice Awards winners

The Web Cartoonists’ Choice Awards were announced yesterday and you should just go to the link becayse it has links to all he nominated comics, and they deserve a click-through if you’ve never checked them out. Girl Genius by Phil and Kaja Foglio won many awards, including “Outstanding Comic.” Lackadaisy by Tracy J. Butler won […]

Did you know it’s easy to embed a poll?

polls – Take Our Poll Because we get bored, and because The Beat can never be good enough, don’t say we never turn to YOU our harshest critics and dearest supporters. What do you want to see more of? What do you want to see less of? Don’t say typos, because we all hate those […]