George trial update

The Macomb Daily continues its in-depth coverage of the Michael George trail. The latest testimony came from Theresa Danieluk, a friend of accused killer George who claims that after the death of his wife, he made advances to her and also made disparaging remarks about his dead wife, calling her “unattractive” and “heavy.” “You look […]

Who has time to read 3,300 graphic novels?

In a promo for their new ICv2 Guide #52: Graphic Novels ICv2 offers a few stats: …the number of graphic novels released in the North American market in 2007 was 3,314, a 19% increase over the 2,785 volumes published in 2006. All indications are that the tsunami of graphic novels will only increase in 2008, […]

Marvel goes Facebook

Haven’t you always wanted a Marvel application for Facebook? Oh, of course you have! Marvel is getting deeper and deeper into this risky internet thing. It’s crazy! What are you supposed to do with these things, anyway? Apparently our abandoned zombie mogul gets attacked scores of times a day. We just don’t have time to […]

Kibbles ‘n’ Bits 3/6

§ Johanna looks at Voices of Love, a “passionate” josei titles from Luv Luv Press, an imprint of Aurora Publishing This volume contains five love stories that don’t shy away from nudity and sex scenes. (That explains the Mature 18+ rating.) When I first read them, I thought, “This is just what I’ve been looking […]

Save the Rain Forest

Is that what it’s like to be an old timer? “Cured the Black Plague? Why, I remember when I was a kid, we’d pass stacks of bloated, blackened corpses every day…and we LOVED it! Kids today just don’t understand.” “These so-called horseless carriages are a plague and a nuisance! In my day we enjoyed quiet […]

First look at the Watchmen

It takes a lot to get us to blog at 1 am, but this just hit the web. Zack Snyder has the first look at the Watchmen from the movie version. Ay caramba! UPDATE: Why does Ozymandias’s exo-skeleton have nipples? SUSPICIOUS.