RIP: Gary Gygax

The co-creator of Dungeons and Dragons passed away this morning. He was 69. From the AP Article: Gygax and co-creator Dave Arneson developed the role-playing game in 1974 and it went on to become one of the best-selling games ever. Dungeons & Dragons is considered the grandfather of fantasy role-playing games and has influenced video […]

Revised Diamond figures for January released

As previously suspected, January sales figures released by Diamond were elevated due to a technical glitch, ICv2 reports. Corrected figures are now available and rather than the previously reported 7% gain in periodical sales, they were actually just up 1% over January 2007, while graphic novels were up a modest 3%, not the gaudy 17% […]

German comics exhibition

Do you know anything about the history of comics in Germany? Us neither. Some light is shed in this Forbidden Planet International Blog posting about a German exhibit on the history of native comics: It may be strange that, even though German expatriate Rudolph Dirks played such an important part in the origin and development […]

And one more mole: Chabon on the skintight suits

Michael Chabon goes on for pages and pages about superhero costumes in The New Yorker’s new Style issue: Now the time has come to propose, or confront, a fundamental truth: like the being who wears it, the superhero costume is, by definition, an impossible object. It cannot exist. One may easily find suggestive evidence for […]

Monks vs Moles

Dick Hyacinth is still mulling over his meta list compiling the comics best of lists from numerous sources but his latest — and last — post on the subject is, to us anyway, the most fascinating. In it, he assays to break down the differences between comics-focused lists and general-interest lists. In other words, while […]

The evolving Onion

Have you ever wondered what the relationship of the “Area Man” Onion is to the “A.V. Club” Onion? Us too, and here’s the answer: Pocket history of The A.V. Club: The Onion was founded in 1988 at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, as a paper targeted at Madison residents and UW-Madison students in particular. (We have […]

Zuda in March

It’s the beginning of the month and that means a new bunch of Zuda comics. Eddie Sharam and James Woodhead’s ROAD was the winner, as voted by readers, for February. This month’s line-up includes a new comics by Jim Dougan and Hyeondo Park — worth checking out. Also one called “The LItterbox Chronicles” and it’s […]

Stan Lee and Takei team up, fight crime

Oh we made that up. Stan Lee is known for teaming with everyone from Pamela Anderson to Paris Hilton, but he’s now crossed the last frontier and signed with Shaman King creator Hiroyuki Takei to create a new strip for Japan: The Japanese publisher Shueisha has announced that Stan Lee, the co-creator of America’s Spider-Man […]

Kibbles ‘n’ Bits

§ John Jakala touches on still-visceral objections to comics in the classroom via comments on a newspaper story: What I found really interesting, though, was how the vitriol against using comics in the classroom erupted right away in the comments. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, but after reading so many articles about schools and […]

He said/she said

Two takes on mixed marriages: This St. Louis Today columnist grows excited when he sees his wife reading a comic: I’ve never known Colette to have any interest in comics. She rolls her eyes at the thought of her almost-40 husband repeatedly asking for video games and comic books for his birthday. But there she […]