The one about Dave Sim

What do I think of Dave Sim? I think he’s one of the world’s greatest living cartoonists. You can use that as a pull quote, like this. “One of the world’s greatest living cartoonists.” –Publishers Weekly Go ahead. It’s true. Through 30 years of Cerebus he proved himself a craftsman, writer and artist with a […]

Jeff Smith on whether he tastes great or is less filling

New York Mag’s Vulture bloginterviews Jeff Smith today and they bring up where he sees himself on the spectrum of comics: [Q:]This fall, a mini-debate popped up on comics Websites about the Best American Comics anthology. Heidi MacDonald, who writes the Beat, asked why more of the comics in that book didn’t tell great stories, […]

Jean aces Spectrum again

The winners in the 15th annual Spectrum Awards for the best uin Fantastic art have been announced, and James Jean was once again the big winner, with a Best in Show, and #1 in the Comic’s category. John Jude Palencar won the Grand Master Award, The complete list: ADVERTISING Gold Award: JOHNNY YANOK (“Resurrection of […]

UPDATE: The continuing obsession with sales figures

The Great Bookscan debate continues. Rich Johnston has helpfully leaked the actual chart so everyone can play along at home. ADD, Brian Hibbs and Dick Hyacinth all weigh in with second third or 99th rounds — to be honest we’re beginning to get flustered and lose count. We would agree that the argument over the […]

ICv2 Conference announces panels

Speaking of NYCC, ICv2 has just announced the line-up for their annual pre-show conference. You can see the whole thing at the link but the panels are as follows: 1:00 p.m. ICv2 White Paper — Inside a Growing Category 1:45 p.m. The Battle for Talent 3:00 p.m. Graphic Novels and Tweens 4:00 p.m. Buyers Panel […]

News about Newsarama

Newsarama and the New York Comic-Con announced a partnership yesterday. A couple of people read this as an “exclusive”, but apparently it isn’t. Other websites and even bloggers can still report on panels and make videos and whatnot. What’s interesting is that until we read the PR we had no idea that Newsarama was “the […]