Pretty, pretty pictures

If you do not have a few hours to spend looking at art, whatever you do DO NOT CLICK THIS LINK, a directory of concept artists. Andreas Rocha Benjamin Carre We warned you. Oh, we did.

NEW BOOK! Judenhass by Dave Sim

For a while now, Dave Sim has been mentioning Secret Project #1, of which it was only known that 1) it would debut at the SPACE indie show, 2) Sim would not promote it, as he has Glamourpuss and 3) it made Neil Gaiman cry. Gradually word leaked that it was Holocaust-themed. Well the word […]

NEW BOOK! Connective Tissue

Bob Fingerman reports that he has new collection in the works: It’s been a while since I’ve had any publishing news to announce, but unless the contract stuff goes horribly awry (an unlikelihood), Fantagraphics Books will be publishing my oddball stream of consciousness (or in this case, unconsciousness) epic, Connective Tissue, sometime early spring 2009. […]

NEW BOOK! Tales of Unusual Circumstance

Joey Weiser wrote to alert us to his new book. Tales of Unusual Circumstance is here! Tales collects comics work from my output over the past 4 years that has appeared in anthologies, mini-comics, and more! PLUS, as mentioned above, it features 48 pages of never-before-seen material! And, by that I mean new comics!! You […]

Inside the mind of a New Yorker cartoonist

Michael Maslin is blogging this month at the The New Yorker cartoonist blog. Here, he attempts to make things scrutable, explaining the genesis of a cartoon: First, an image of a Thurber guy on skis popped into my head as I sat staring at a blank piece of paper. So I had my rough inspiration. […]

Jess Fink update

Gary Tyrell has been all over the Jess Fink/Hot Topic controversy. (It’s not really a controversy — it’s pretty clear what happened: they stole her soap.) It’s still unclear as to whether Hot Topic is actually dealing with the situation, Tyrell reports. In the meantime the blog Hurfadurf has started a “I Designed an Original […]

Updated: Boom gets $600k

It seems that Boom! Studios has joined the ranks of comics publishers getting a little VC pie: The Los Angeles company, officially known as Boom Entertainment, has just taken a $600,000 investment from DFJ Frontier and the Gideon Hixon Fund, following a particularly successful January. At the beginning of the month, it featured the first […]