WonderCon reports

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Various personal reports we ran across:
Cecil Castellucci
Ben Templesmith
Rantz Hoseley
Mark Evanier

Some news items:
Death ison the march at DC

Asked to “cut back on killing and maiming young heroes” in their comics, VP of Sales responded that “Sidekicks die!” should be the ad copy for upcoming comics. DiDio admitted that it was a concern, and said that they’d try to cease with the teenage torture. On a related topic, the panel all agreed that they didn’t want to pull back on teenage suffering of the emotional type, with writer Judd Winick pointing out that “they can’t all be happy, who the hell’s gonna buy that?”

Wood and Cloonan revive DEMO for Vertigo

Image was a no show due to “circumstances beyond our control,” according to those in charge. EDIT: but apparently they did show up eventually?

Dark Horse is going bigtime into webcomics collections:

Dark Horse Comics first delved into the world of webcomics with their “Megatokyo” collections several years ago, then last year they added “Penny Arcade” and “The Perry Bible Fellowship” to their publishing lineup. At Wondercon in San Francisco this weekend, Dark Horse revealed several more webcomics that will join their lineup – “The K Chronicles,” “Wondermark” and “Achewood” all have collections in the works with the publisher.

io9 has a lot of coverage. This fellow has uploaded tons of videos of panel presentations. Why even leave your living room! He virtual con is just a click away. Based on pictures WonderCon definitely seems to be getting some of the SDCC vibe, with Fat Mama, Stormtrooper Elvis, Anne Hathaway, Steve Carrell, James McAvoy, etc etc. Maybe next year we’ll get to go!

Laughing Squid’s photos.

Oh yeah, The X-Files is hot just in time for 90s Nostalgia! We have always loved Gillian Anderson.

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Spongebob Squarepants Musical Rectal Thermometer

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