Newsarama has a bunch of reports from Wondercon, including the expected news that J. Michael Straczynski will be working with DC. According to the report, he’ll be doing more BABYLON 5 comics and hopes to finish his B5 graphic novel. Much more random DU news in the link. More: Retailer Lee Hester has a lengthy […]

Your Guide to winning the Oscar Pool!

As usual, it takes no skill to figure out the big winners at the Oscars, the occasional Crash aside. Picking the Coen Brothers, Javier Bardem and Diablo Cody is about as safe as predicting the appearance of another Skrull poster from Marvel next week. No, where Oscar pools are won and lost is in the […]

Our two favorite thing: Wyeth, Burroughs

Golden Age Comic Book Stories deserves study each and every day. Recent gems: NC Wyeth’s Charlemagne illustrations in three parts: Part One Part Two Part Three Original covers illustrations for Edgar Rice Burroughs Mars series. Above A Princess of Mars by Frank E. Schoonover. Amusing to see these books with a Pre-Raphaelite spin.

Bob Staake’s Art Deco Poster Collection

During web surfing we came across a blog by Steve Heller at Print Magazine. Heller is the former art director of the NYT Book Review, and his blog in turn led us to this page of Art Deco ads collected by illustrator Bob Staake. Many other treasures to be found in the links.