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  1. Honest to goodness, no foolin’, but the book I’d like to see in this vein (and by see, obviously, I mean write, but everyone has their pipedreams) is RAVAGE 2099.

    Remember? Binman superhero of the future? PTSD soldier from the Great Environmental War? Imagine THAT, but with Ladronn/Metabarons-style art.

    Obviously, you’d have to lose all the stuff past the end of issue…4…

    YYyeahh. Mm.


  2. Has there been a drop-off in sales after #3? Maybe they’re trying to boost interest at this point because they’d like the final issues to not lose money.
    They’re committed to 12 issues after all (which surprised me.)

    I want to see it do well, if for no other reason than perhaps that would increase the likelihood that Marvel would ask Mary Skrenes to complete the original series as she and Steve Gerber had planned back in 1977.

    Does anyone know if she’d consider it? (Or more importantly, if Steve Gerber would have wanted it finished?)

  3. Might as well put it online for free. Nobody is going to read it otherwise. I read the first issue, or rather, tried to read it.

  4. I have had trouble finding copies of this title in my city’s LCS. So, I added it to my pulls. It is the only Marvel comic I purchase, which I suppose tells us all more about me that I care to normally volunteer, ha ha.

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