Rick Veitch’s art blog

Well we’ve run out of room and time yet again today, so we’ll leave you with the link to the most excellent new art blog of Roarin’ Rick Veitch which we’re told has enough material to run for YEARS. Above, the one and only Miracleman. Technorati Tags: puppy, Rick Veitch

The Hero Initiative at WonderCon

We’re way behind in our Wondercon news, but we had to post some updates to the plans for The Hero Initiative. Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale have been addedto the list of those signing at the booth. SAT., 23 FEB from 1 PM-230 PM. The rest of their schedule can be seen:here. In other exciting […]

Random mainstream news

§ The May solicits for both Marvel and DC are up. § J. Michael Stracsynski is no longer exclusive with Marvel, breaking up the old Millar/Bendis/JMS troika just a bit. He’ll be announcing his newest projects at WonderCon. So I’m now in a comfortable place to opt out of exclusivity. Consequently, a few weeks ago, […]

Wolverine cast fills up

On the POSITIVE tip for Marvel’s movie fortunes, a bunch of new cast members for the WOLVERINE movie were just announced, and they will provide Beat fodder for months to come. Danny Huston, a bright spot in 30 DAYS OF NIGHT, will play General Stryker. Taylor Kitsch (above), from FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS, will play GAMBIT, […]

Marvel’s dark ’09

Remember when Marvel Studios was one of the independent movie studios who signed a separate interim deal with the WGA? It turns out there was quite a bit of urgency behind this, as the strike has created a big gap for Marvel’s planned filmed ventures. ICv2 puts the pieces together from yesterday’s investor conference call […]

300 tops Saturn Award noms

300 the movie may have spawned a dozen catch phrases and its own little pop culture cult, but it’s been shut out of the awards season frenzy — until the Saturn noms came out today, honoring the best in SF, fantasy and horror films: Leading the nominations this year is the groundbreaking film, “300” with […]

MEATHAUS: S.O.S. preview

A new edition of alt.comix anthology MEATHAUS is on the horizon, and Nerdcore has a big preview. Contributors include James Jean , Farel Dalrymple, Brandon Graham, Tomer and Asaf Hanuka, Thomas Herpich, Jim Rugg , Corey Lewis, Matt Furie, D-pi, Ross Campbell, Sheldon Vella, and Dave Kiersh. S.O.S. was edited by Brandon Graham and Chris […]

Perry Bible Fellowship moves on

Big news for webcomics as Nicholas Gurewitch announces the strip is going on hiatus. “It’s really not as big a deal as it might seem,” Nicholas said today. “I’ll simply be producing comics at a pace I’m more comfortable with.” Monday newspapers publishing his strip received the surprising announcement from the cartoonist. “I’m making this […]

The strange world of morning

Running very late as you all can see. Ironically,this is due to our revamped body clock which entails getting up at 9ish and going to sleep at 1-2ish, unlike our old up at noon, asleep at 5 am routine.That is great for blogging but bad for everything else. We’ll try to figure out a way […]