Fun With Dave

If you’ve been dying to ask Dave Sim a question about Gender Issues, today’s your last chance, as for one day only, he takes on questions at Sequential Tart. Enjoy! There is an intrinsic nobility for a man in working hard to provide for himself and for his family, to improve their lot and give […]

Late artists crackdown at DC?

Rich Johnston, the only journalist in comics, dished up a very tasty rumor which has all the tang of fact: Sources close to freelancers inform me that DC Comics has a new in house policy for pencillers. Aside from very specific contracted creators (such as Jim Lee), any penciller contracted to work on a monthly […]

Videos to Watch

Dan Clowes on Mythbusters. (People sensitive to the sound of chalk on a board are advised to view with caution.) Jules Feiffer on The Naked Brothers Band. [Thanks to Randall Kirby!] Technorati Tags: Daniel Clowes, Jules Feiffer

HeavyInk: Learning, sharing, shopping

HeavyInk is a new comics e-tailer that offers social networking functionality with its 20% discount. We’ll let you parse the press release: After a period of public beta, comics retail and social networking site HeavyInk ( has announced its official launch, effective today. Bringing together comics and community in a way that revolutionizes online comics […]

When they came for Keith Champagne I said nothing

Frank Santoro in the comments section of the Comics Comics Cage Match on Paul Pope’s Heavy Liquid: Oh, and I do want to mention that I’m getting a few emails from friends (and professionals in the, um, industry) who are too pussy to post a comment here but all more or less say “PP rules, […]