Marvel had its quarterly earnings call today, and the picture was rosy, led by a rise in net income from $11.7 million in Q4 2006 to $27.6 million in Q4 2007. The rise was due to higher profits from outsourcing toy production. While licensing was up 129%, Publishing also showed a rise:

Marvel’s Publishing Segment net sales increased $1.7 million or 6% to $30.3 million in Q4 2007 principally due to continued strength in the Direct and Mass Market channels and the benefit of special event publishing such as World War Hulk and Stephen King’s Dark Tower series. Operating income in the publishing segment also rose 6% on a year-over-year basis to $12.3 million in Q4 2007 with a comparable operating margin of approximately 41%.

You can listen to the entire investors call here.

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