Status report

A very slow internet connection has foiled our attempts to stay current. Right now we are racing off in a limo to pick up Jim Lee from the airport before his big signing at SciFi City tomorrow. It’s been a good few days of alligator hunting and sight seeing here in Florida. More later.

Secret Agent Man

The LOST writers really don’t seem very romantic do they? For the second straight Valentine’s Day, the show features a decidedly unromantic episode. Last year it was Desmond and this year it’s Sayid who breaks a girl’s heart on February 14th. More discussion of this week’s episode, “The Economist,” after the jump.

Cartoonist rock

In the category “cartoonists who are also rockers,” Lauren Weinstein definitely can hold her own. She dropped us a note to let us know her band, Flming Fire, is hitting the stage after a bit of a hiatus. I am excited to report that after a long hiatus on The Goddess of War’s Planet, exploring […]