Strike wrap-ups

The Writer’s Guild strike is over. Joe Harris reports from the East Coast:: We didn’t get everything we wanted. Didn’t get a lot of what we wanted, actually. And we certainly didn’t get as much as we damn well deserved. 17 days of what’s now called a promotional window to watch programs online without having […]

Thailand’s new sweetheart

If you’re looking for a girl wh can really kick some ass, Nicharee “Jeeja” Vismistananda, star of the new MA film CHOCOLATE is the girl. It’s directed by Prachya Pinkaew, who made Tony Jaa a star in ONG BAK. Sure the trailer’s promise of “Real injuries!” is a little disturbing, but Jeeja is amazing.

To Do 2/15: Animania A-go-go at Isotope

Isotope – the comic book lounge: February 15th begins what I can only promise is jaw-dropping 2008 in-store event schedule. Come join us as we team up with the fine folks at Notemine to kick off San Francisco’s famed Animation On Display convention with a bang of atom-splicing proportions! Animania-A-Go-Go features DJ MacMini spinning a […]