A Testosterone Filled Weekend

If you’ve been spending a little much time surfing the net and reading comics (be they capes or non-capes) and feeling a little too nerdy, this is the weekend to change up the routine. There’s MMA and Super Bowl to get your juices flowing. First up the third UFC event in recent weeks, a mega-show […]

LOST: Who are the Oceanic Six?

I know they are the good guys, but whenever I kept hearing the name, I kept thinking “Sinister Six.” Yes, super nerd here. Anyway, Heidi gave you the LOST season premiere post the other day. So, here’s a place to talk about what happened in “The Beginning of the End.” SPOILERS AHOY AFTER THE JUMP

Eddie Campbell’s new book

It’s called The Amazing Remarkable Monsieur Leotard: My pal Dan Best worked with me on the story. You may recall him from the Escapist piece we did for Dark Horse a couple of years back. Leotard is a huge sprawling epic that gobbles up a large swathe of history from the Franco-Prussian war to the […]


Jacob Covey has a blog for the second edition of BEASTS! and it’s mouthwatering. Above, Sea Monster and Bigfoot by Josh Cochran from a non-Beasts! illo job.

Third ASTERIX film a Euro hit

Variety reports that Asterix at the Olympic Games has opened on a record 1,078 screens in France and grossed $4.1 million, which is a lot for France. The film is the third in a live action Asterix series based on the classic comics by René Goscinny and Albert Uderzo, and its $115 million budget makes […]

Steven Stwalley’s Crumbling Paper

You may just spend a few hours clicking around Steven Stwalley’s Crumbling Paper site, an archive of old comics strips by Herriman, Gruelle, Opper, Gluyas Williams and many, many more. Above, a panel from The Love of Lulu and Leander by F.M. Howarth from August 19, 1906. (Note, we lightened the scan just a tad– […]