If you can stare at your computer for 77 minutes you can watch The Mindscape of Alan Moore on AlterTube.

Even more excitingly, if you are in London you can see Alan Moore AND Melinda Gebbie at Gosh! this Saturday, 2/2:

Gosh! The London Comic Shop is proud to announce a signing by celebrated creators Alan Moore and Melinda Gebbie to mark the long-awaited UK release of Lost Girls. The signing will take place in-store at Gosh! Comics, 39 Great Russell Street in Central London (opposite the British Museum) on the 2nd February 2008, from 2:00 to 5:00 in pm. Moore and Gebbie will be signing copies of the three-volume hardcover slipcase edition of the book, which will be available to purchase at the price of £49.95*

Alan Moore has been writing comics since the late 1970s, and his works, ranging from Victorian melodrama to super-heroic deconstruction, have served as consistent benchmarks of the medium. Such stories as From Hell, Watchmen, and V for Vendetta have become recognised touchstones in comics history.

Melinda Gebbie came to prominence in the world of underground comics as a contributor to seminal women’s anthology Wimmin’s Comix, bringing with her a fresh, vibrant flair from her years as a fine artist. She later worked on such classic animated films as Raymond Briggs’ When the Wind Blows, and co-created the Cobweb feature in Tomorrow Stories with Moore. The two were married in May 2007.

Lost Girls represents a partnership in every sense of the word, a collaborative labour of love that has spanned the history of its creators’ relationship. Begun with the remit of producing a literary work of pornography the book stands as an honest, unflinching exploration of love, sex and sexuality. Touching on the themes of the importance of fantasy, the loss of innocence, and the self-destructive timeline of the early 20th Century, its early chapters saw publication in the Taboo anthology, after which, the story was lost to readers for seventeen years. Resurfacing now as a fully-formed graphic novel and already in its third US printing, Lost Girls stands as a classic; a testament to the story-telling prowess of its creators.

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39 Great Russell Street

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  1. Gosh! of course should not be confused with GOSH (Great Ormond Street Hospital), the holder of the recently-expired Peter Pan copyrights, whom I cannot imagine hosting a Lost Girls signing.

  2. I’m going o/!

    (of course, this would be significantly more exciting if I hadn’t already met him back in October, when he did an event with Iain Sinclair and Michael Moorcock at Bishopsgate).

  3. “Such stories as From Hell, Watchmen, and V for Vendetta have become recognised touchstones in comics history.”

    Another one that often gets looked over is Capt. Briton. If you can find his ark on that, you’re in for a fantastic read.

  4. Mindscape is outstanding, a form worthy of the content a dreamy magical documentary… BUT i strongly advise hitting Amazon for the DVD… gorgeous John Coulthart packaging and a second disc of fantastic interviews with Moore co-creators…