Diamond’s Top 100 GNs of 2007

Annnnd here’s the top selling graphic novel chart. Manga has its own chart which we’ll hopefully be posting later on. Sorry this looks funny. We’re trying to fix. 2007 TOP 100 GRAPHIC NOVELS QtyRank RetailRank Description Price Ven 1 1 CIVIL WAR TP $24.99 MAR 2 6 MARVEL ZOMBIES HC* $19.99 MAR 3 2 HEROES […]

When comics were bad

Book Forum runs an excerpt from David Hajdu’s upcoming The Ten Cent Plague, a history of the persecution of comics books in the ’50s as the source of all juvenile delinquency. The progressing crusade against comics on multiple levels provided Harry Wildenberg the opportunity to light many a cigar in satisfaction by 1949. In the […]

Wonder Woman again

A rather haltingly written wire service story once again proclaims that sisters are pow! bam! sock!ing it for themselves: A program at an Upstate New York college has taken a look at the changing role of females in comic books, noting the transformation that characters such as Wonder Woman have undergone since their creation. Drawn […]

You will be sick of Captain America this week!

UPDATE: The Daily News story is up now Captain America is back and he’s packing heat. Less than a year after the legendary star-spangled superhero was killed off in his comic book, his former teenage sidekick is being promoted to fill those big red boots in the latest issue, out Wednesday. ICv2 rounds up plans […]

Spartan spoof wins at Box Office

Meet The Spartans, a compendium of near-humor from the “Creators” of Epic Movie, Scary Movie, etc etc. was the winner at the box office this weekend, taking in $18.7 million to Rambo Part XLVII’s $18.1 million. Rambo put up a valiant effort before succumbing to the Greek hordes. 300’s place in lore is secure, if […]

Oddities of the comics

Evan Dorkin talks about DC’s “cartoonist ban”: First up from the files, the only piece of art I was allowed to draw for the Superman and Batman: World’s Funnest book for DC Comics. Not that it appears anywhere in the book. Long story short, part of which has been covered here before: DC has a […]