Meet The Spartans, a compendium of near-humor from the “Creators” of Epic Movie, Scary Movie, etc etc. was the winner at the box office this weekend, taking in $18.7 million to Rambo Part XLVII’s $18.1 million. Rambo put up a valiant effort before succumbing to the Greek hordes. 300’s place in lore is secure, if regrettable.


  1. Number of Frank Miller projects to hit #1 at the box office in the past year: 1.

    Number of Frank Miller parodies to hit #1 at the box office in the past year: 2

    Looks like a business with a future!

  2. As someone who saw both “Rambo” and “Meet the Spartans” this weekend, let me make this prediction: Next weekend, due to word-of-mouth pass along, the two film positions will be reversed.

    Although I laughed about five times during the film, “Meet the Spartans” has to be the all-time worst parody I’ve ever seen.

  3. RAMBO…the most violent thing i have seen in years.I can’t tell you how insane it was, just trust me that they used 2000 gallons of fake blood, at least, making this film

    and yes, i enjoyed it. there is something wrong with me, i know.

  4. Notice that CLOVERFIELD has nosedived in its second weekend (from the $42 million open down to $12 million). I think word of mouth is killing this because it just didn’t deliver on expectations. In a monster movie the monster is supposed to be on screen more than 3 minutes.

  5. JJ Abrams at Comicon said that Cloverfield was supposed to be an American take on giant monster movies. He was inspired by “Godzilla”.

  6. Kevin Sorbo still looks Fabulous! It was worth it just to see him dancing around at the end. As for the movie, it was stupid and funny. You have to really have an open mind when watching it and then check it out at the door to enjoy it. Cloverfield was pretty good. It smacked of Blair Witch and I cannot stand the whole camcorder fuzziness. Good monster though!