Our five lucky Lulu reprint winners have been chosen. Congrats to: Brian Winkeler Joe Williams Jason Green Jennifer Sweeney and Richard Krauss Your winnings are in the mail. Thanks to everyone who entered — the response was tremendous. We will be doing MORE Beat Giveaways as we find more stuff that deserves loving homes.

Annnnnnnnd one last word

Fantagraphics’ Eric Reynolds weighs in on the pre-sell controversy, and manages to see both sides. Ultimately, however, the benefits far outweigh the costs. The Direct Market is important to us and there’s no reason it won’t remain so. So I hope we all remain interested in working with each other to grow. I believe that […]

Selling comics is EVERYBODY’S business!

Sometimes we forget that comics isn’t just an industry of self-publishers, it’s an industry of SELF-RETAILERS. Thus, everyone is still chiming in on the whole pre-selling at cons thing. Colleen gives a little historical perspective on how folks in artists alley used to be FORBIDDEN to sell their comics . She also explains how that […]

Breaking: Boys read comics

Valerie finds a demographic survey from a publicly-traded company: The portrait that it painted of the average mainstream comic book reader is as follows: Male, 20-25, video-game player, disposable income, “techie,” single. What is the breakdown of male versus female readership? More than 90% of the readers of mainstream superhero comics are male. See, I […]

Angoulême updates

Bart Beatty is reporting on all the festival doings at The Comics Reporter. Check back daily for Bart’s view on the goings on. It was slow today — the biggest hall was empty at opening, but most of the artists were arriving today and the signings, and crowds, will grow in earnest on Friday. The […]

Harvey Awards ballot online NOW!

Here is the link. Go forth and nominate, people, and none of that “voting bloc” shit this time. According to the PR 2000 people voted in last year’s Harvey Awards. The Executive Committees of the Harvey Awards and the Baltimore Comic-Con are proud to present the official Nomination Ballot for this year’s Harvey Awards . […]

People talk of this and that

§ The secret origin of Top Shelf’s Brett Warnock: [On his schooling] Very broad, very general. Design courses, fundamental courses, plus just me getting stoned and drawing on my own time. That was its own education. But you gotta understand, I think this is still true in art departments, but especially then in the mid- […]

Lionsgate, and Marvel was get writers again

Lionsgate and Marvel have joined the list of studios cutting their own deals with the WGA: The deals followed separate guild pacts with other independent production companies such as United Artists, The Weinstein Co. and David Letterman’s Worldwide Pants. The guild said such agreements confirm it’s possible for writers to be compensated fairly and for […]