Heath Ledger found dead

Oscar nominated actor Heath Ledger, who plays the Joker in this summer’s THE DARK KNIGHT was found dead in his Soho apartment this afternoon, multiple sources are reporting. According to the NY Times, a masseuse arriving for an appointment found the actor dead in his bedroom. Pills were found near his body. Ledger’s Joker character […]

And the Oscar goes to …

This year’s nominees for Best Animated Feature are: * “Persepolis” * “Ratatouille” * “Surf’s Up” This year’s nominees for Best Animated Short Film are: * Même les pigeons vont au paradis * I Met the Walrus * Madame Tutli-Putli * Moya lyubov * Peter & the Wolf Other tidbits: * Five nominations in all for […]

Con News: Pro registration for NYCC

This year’s con slate is fast getting nailed down for many people and we’re hearing the usual rumors, some of which we’re investigating. One which doesn’t appear to be a rumor is that as it was last year, pro reg for New York Comic-Con will be VERY early this year! The following letter has been […]


We’re like, wayyyyy behind in our email linkage, so if we haven’t got to your link yet, we’re sorry. Please keep sending us tips and links. We obviously need all the help we can get. Plus. it’s like super cold and the heat isn’t reaching this part of the manor. § Arnold Fenner writes to […]

Alfred, we hardly knew ye

Mark down this Wednesday, January 23rd if you’re in Ypsilante, MI: it’s the site of a discussion with Al Feldstein in conjunction with an art show devoted to Mad’s iconic mascot, Alfred E. Newman. An instantly recognizable popular icon, Alfred E. Newman had his origin in the nineteenth century and was used extensively before debuting […]

Noah Berlatsky’s GAY UTOPIA

Frequent comics critic Noah Berlatsky has launched a site called The Gay Utopia a symposium of writing and comics about a theoretical bias and inhibition-free world: The term “the gay utopia” is at least slightly ironic; I’m too much of a pessimist to believe that sexual freedom will actually bring about the millennium. At the […]

CON NEWS from all over

§ The Emerald City Con has announced “Supergirl” as a guest. They also have a nice new poster by Alex Ross. § Bernie Wrightson has joined the Baltimore Comic-Con guest list. § Bryan Hitch has been named a GoH at the 2008 New York Comic-Con. § Speaking of the NYCC, Lance Fensterman, who runs NYCC, […]

CON NEWS: Price sells Mid-Ohio Con

Roger Price, who has been running the Mid-Ohio con for 27 years, sent out an open letter over the weekend: After 27 years, I must regrettably announce that the time has come for me to retire as the promoter of Mid-Ohio-Con. The difficult decision to take this action is based solely on personal reasons, including […]

Tensions de-escalate

Brian Hibbs responds to my post yesterday and everything is quite civil and everyone seems to understand where everyone is coming from, and they lived happily ever after. In response to my “Would Brian Hibbs donate $1 to keep Top Shelf, Cartoon Books or Fantagraphics alive?” query Brian responds: Not that that is actually the […]

Blogger baffles self

The clean up effort continues here at Stately Beat Manor, and we’re uncovering all kinds of forgotten wonders — a complete run of Fiz(z) magazine; a near complete run of Escape (both digest and magazine sized); a run of Drawn & Quarterly magazine, which we didn’t even remember EXISTED. We’ve also discovered some real puzzlers. […]