RIP Martha Arguello

The SF Chronicle reports that cartoonist Martha Arguello – better known as Marty Links — died on Sunday at age 90. As Links, Arguello was the creator of Bobby Sox, which ran for 35 years, although it later changed its name to Emmy Lou. The panel inspired a short-lived TV show, but more than that […]

Top Cow adds Caylo

Filling the void left by Filip Sablik‘s rise to Publisher, former Wizard Editorial Director Mel Caylo has been named the new Top Cow VP of Marketing and Sales: Top Cow Productions is proud to welcome a new addition to its staff. Mel Caylo has assumed the role of Vice President of Marketing & Sales, where […]

Mike Richardson interviews

ICv@ holds on of it’s periodic sit-downs with Dark Horse CEO Mike Richardson in three parts. Richardson is never afraid to give good pull-quotes and he obliges here: We’ve seen over the years that comic book retailers have gotten more and more sophisticated. Many of the stores have expanded their product base, which is very […]

Links and lot of them

We had actually had an even LONGER list of links here, but accidentally deleted half of it so…well…it wasn’t meant to be. § The LA TImes on the end of the Marvel/Universal character pact: Universal’s contract with Marvel expired at the end of 2007, meaning the superhero characters will no longer pose for photos with […]

Studio briefing: David Fincher, JLA movie

Press shy director David Fincher has been forced into a recent junket or two to promote the dvd of ZODIAC, apparently, and he could well be the next director to go cuckoo for comic books, with several projects in the works, including an adaptation of Brian Bendis’s TORSO, some CGI-adaptations of stories from Heavy Metal […]

Shut up, you all

Kevin Church has the last word on “One More Day/Brand New Day”: My take? They’ve reset things to the point where they’re now telling stories about a single 30something nerd that lives with his mother figure, has dated two girls, and is perpetually broke. This is Marvel’s attempt to “relate” to their average fan, isn’t […]