JMS: One more response

Over at Newsarama J. Michael Straczynski explains what his exact problems with the ending of “One More Day” were, as mentioned in passing in the Joe Q interview: mostly that the Me-fix-o ending was a magic bullet. And that’s the part I had a real problem with, maybe the single biggest problem. There’s this notion […]

Tonight: Crisis and Hysteria

We can’t vouch for this one-man show , really, but the picture is kinda funny. “Crisis and Hysteria: An Evening of Solo Shows” comprises Syd Bernstein’s comic literary revue “Infinite Earths: One Man’s Crisis” and Eve Butler’s “Hystery,” a narrative monologue about vibrators and Victorian medicine. Shows are Thursdays Jan 3 and Jan 10, 8 […]

The Beat’s Annual Survey 2008 Edition Part 2

More from various comics-type personalities on the year that was and the year that will be. Thanks to all who participated. And if we had to make a rough guess, the biggest story of ’07, as evidenced by these responses, was definitely the online world. Our guess for the big story of Aught Eight? The […]

SPX and Stumptown announce dates

It’s not too early to start thinking of this year’s indie comix show circuit, and two key shows have announced new dates and formats. First, SPX has announced it’s dates: October 4-5. That means they’ll be going to a Saturday-Sunday format next year. The move had been long expected, given the small showing for Sunday’s […]

Comic Books in the Classroom: all the rage?

We knew it! Barely a week after looking at comics as teaching aids, The New York Times is back with a freaking EDITORIAL saying how great comics are as teaching aids: The point is not to drop a comic book on a child’s desk and say: “read this.” Rather, the workshops give groups of students […]

Joe Q. comes clean

Comic Book Resources is halfway through a week-long, epic length interview with Marvel E-i-C Joe Quesada, in which he explains all about “One More Day” — and we do mean all. Interviewer Jonah Weiland covers every facet of the controversy, and Quesada has his usual knack for sounding candid. The interview is huge so we’ll […]

The fruits of POS

Brian Hibbs talks about discoveries made due to the accuracy of his POS system, and discovered in four months, lots of graphic novels didn’t sell a single copy: What kind of flat-out shocked me is that something approaching half of the trade paperbacks we carry have not sold a single copy since we’ve installed the […]


Anne Thompson runs into Batman helmer Chris Nolan and has some poop: He was enthused about shooting entire sections of the movie in IMAX–entirely his idea. It’s now possible to show the movie on some 150 IMAX screens that aren’t just at science museums or in Las Vegas. He shot using IMAX cameras, which are […]

Land o’ Links

Yet more year end lists: § We (that means me) compiiled the Second Annual PW Critics poll, which was topped by Exit Wounds and Scott Pilgrim IV. § Kai Ming’s Top 10 Manga of the year are here. § Paul Gravett has his The Best of 2007 § Dick Hyacinth § Sean T. Collins Best […]

Comics Reporter update — UPDATED

Tom Spurgeon reports on his continuing website outtage over at the TCJ board: Since we’ve been unable to a) get the site back, or b) have any polite question answered as to what the hell happened or what we can expect to happen, we’re rebuilding the site elsewhere and hope to be back on-line this […]